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Stafford takes out monthly medal

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Collier - Monthly Medal - Stroke

This week was the 3rd round of the Golden Putter and Monthly Medal. We had 4 visitors today Mark Geddes, Mark Davies, Dave Hall and David Ogg. I Played with 3 of them and it was great day, plenty of great shots and banter. They will fit straight in as most of you already know from the past 3 SW opens.

Overall the scores at the top of the leader board were tight with only 3 shots separating the first 6 places, a Captains nightmare! After that there was an even spread. Jack and Tony pretty much sewed up all the novelties they could, taking some the previous groups would have thought were unbeatable which showed how sweet they were hitting them.

The ever reliable Stafford was the best of the bunch with a net 67. He strikes the ball so well with that slight draw off the tee and is sneaky long. Basil wasn’t far behind him, he has straightened up his new swing and it's working. He left a couple of putts out there but that is the same for all us. I played with Mark Geddes, actually that’s sounds wrong, I was Mark's partner, that too is sounding wrong. Let's just say I scored Mark's card and he was great to watch, pure ball striking and a solid short game, we pretty much went shot for shot around the course . Each of us having around 12 pars, two birdies and the rest doubles which bought us back to H/C numbers on a day that the scores could have been anything as 5 other birdies lipped out. Mark Davies hit some great shots and wasn’t far behind us, however he had a couple of holes that got away from him, but then came back with par birdie, par and birdie on the Pines to look dangerous again.


1st: Stafford Mellowship (67)

2nd: Basil Musca (69)

3rd: Mark Geddes (70)

NAGA: Trevor Bindon (84)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Tony Calder

Pines 7th: Tony Calder

Lakes 3rd: Lui Dinardo

Lakes 5th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Lakes 8th: Tony Calder

Nearest in 2: Jack Wagner

Nearest in 3: Jack Wagner

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Jack Wagner

B Grade: Lawrie Gibson

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