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Stafford doubles up at Collier for season win number 4

Collier - Par

After the adventures of the Winter Cup at Mandurah 22 golfers teed it up back at Collier. Fortunately, most were in better shape than the week before, but the scores didn’t reflect this. Along the way three matchplays were fought out, and some game called Par was played as well. Once everyone wandered back in the scores were tallied up and the usual suspects appeared on the podium, with one notable (and rather rare) exception.

The serial podium pest Jack Wagner popped up for third with a round of +1. He had a purple patch in the middle of the front nine getting out to +3 and managed to do enough to stay on the right side of the ledger. The four pars in a row in the middle of the Pines nine probably didn’t hurt either.

A first podium for the year and an unlikely second place was snared by Rob Mathias. After not having the most convincing first nine he got his act together around the Pines bagging a +3 for a +1 overall and claiming second place on countback. Scoring when it was needed the most seemed to be Rob’s recipe for success.

Taking the win in both his matchplay and the round itself was none other than Stafford Mellowship. Baggiing his fourth win for the year he eventually wore down Heiney in the matchplay as well as going +1 and then +2 to take out the win. The wily campaigner once again showed the kids how to get the job done.

Experience book-ended the scorecards on Sunday. Hero the week before at Mandurah, Lawrie Gibson was stone cold last a week later. -12 is a truly NAGA-worthy effort on a day that saw plenty of scores that would be contenders for NAGA on any other day.

The two other match plays were fought out during the morning. Matt Gibson and Dave Thomas slugged it out with the result in the balance until the very last hole. Not bad considering the eleven-shot difference in handicaps. A minus for the Pirate and a plus result for Matt saw the latter through to the next round.

The scribe took on Rob Mizen with both players pulling out some unconventional shots. Rob’s use of driver to bag NTP on the Lakes 5th was almost matched by the scribe’s second shot on the 8th which involved a duffed chip into a bunker, running out of said bunker and finishing 8 inches from the hole. After nine holes it didn’t look like the nine-shot handicap difference would be a factor with scores dead level, however the scribe’s game fell apart around the Pines and Rob stormed to victory 4/3.

Also worth mentioning was the new member’s night held on the 23rd. Eighteen attendees enjoyed a social evening at Café Bella Rosa in Carlisle. Good to see Dave Ogg & Robin Dalby swapping AFL stories. Perhaps drinking full strength instead of mid Friday night messed with your game on Sunday Lawrie?

Mitch & Rob's balls getting cozy on the Pines 2nd.

Next week is at Meadow Springs, a quality course well worth the trip. As usual get in early with your availability to ensure we can get as many groups as possible.


1st: Stafford Mellowship (+3)

2nd: Rob Mathias (+2)

3rd: Jack Wagner (+1)

NAGA: Lawrie Gibson (-12)

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