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Sploshy stableford – Collier gets soggy as the win goes to “Oggy”

Collier - Stableford

A group of brave and/or slightly deranged golfers gathered to play Collier after the latest lockdown. With the prospect of rain a certainty (unlike Freo’s goal kicking hey Lui?) players prepared for the inevitable downpour. After a little group shuffle the groups teed off, and the rain duly arrived with a vengeance. Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening… although in truth no one really frightened on the scoreboard. The order of the day seemed to be more about scoring when the rain backed off and huddling under umbrellas when the heavens opened.

The lockdown meant a planned matchplay could not go ahead, and so the mouth-watering match between Dave Ovel and Nigel Smith will have to wait a little longer. In their place an eye-watering tussle was squelched out between Gary Hammond and Paul Heine. These two doyens of the club slugged and swore it out over 18 holes with Heiney eventually emerging the victor. Heiney will be squaring off against Stafford Mellowship next.

Elsewhere on the course some half-decent golf was being played. Dave Ovel snagged third place after an average first nine preceded a more competitive second nine. Nine pars helped generate a score of 33 points, coming out on the right side of a three-way count back. A few cheeky shots using the temporary water hazards on the greens certainly didn’t go amiss either.

Splitting the Dave’s today was the recently returned scribe, resplendent in his Aussie mask. Steady bogey golf through the day with a few useful pars saw him bag 34 points and his third podium for the year. He nearly bottled it on the last hole but recovered to grab second spot ahead of the charging (or sloshing) pack.

That just left top spot, and the worthy winner was none other than David Ogg. Shooting 79 off the stick is a fine effort on a dry day – to do it on a wet day is quite remarkable. He did admit to having a fair share of luck, but in truth you don’t shoot good scores without it. Congratulations on your first win with the club – I’m sure it won’t be your last.

Of course someone had to finish last, and in this Mitch Fitzpatrick took one for the team. Sounds like Mitch didn’t have a good day, and 20 points probably proves that. Given the weather conditions it was understandable, with players often putting across temporary streams on greens and dealing with puddles around them.

Next week is Collier Park again – this time it’s a stroke day. As usual get in early with your availability so we can get maximum groups on the day.


1st: David Ogg (35)

2nd: Mike Newman (34)

3rd: Dave Ovel (33)

NAGA: Mitch Fitzpatrick (25)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Gary Hammond

Pines 7th: No takers

Lakes 3rd: No takers

Lakes 5th: David Ogg

Lakes 8th: Mike Newman

Nearest in 2: Lui Dinardo

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Norm Mews

B Grade: No takers

Match Play results

Paul Heine def Gary Hammond 1 up?

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