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Smith claims The Founders

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

No pics as the winners had to bolt due to a combination of delayed start time and tending to sick partners.

Collier - Founders cup - Stableford

This week was the Founders Cup which was sponsored by resident social coordinator Pete Fitzpatrick.

As per the stats provided by Dave Ovel, the Founders has never been won with less than 40 points. Benign weather and soft ground conditions lead to some pre-game chatter about needing 43 points to win today. However, it was just a standard good score of 38 by Nigel to take out the silverware this year.

Mitch continues his fine season to match Nigel but was edged on a count back. Leigh and I joked before the round that our aim was to double our scores from last week. Leigh did so with a fine 36 to finish 3rd on a countback ahead of Craig and Dave Ovel. I almost got there finishing one point back on 35.

Mike Newman hit the ball a lot better than he scored and didn't really deserve NAGA today. He hit a lot of great putts, but the the hole just never got in the way of any of them.

In the race for the Master jacket, prior to this round there was clear air between Rob Mizen and the rest of the field. However, a 29 for Rob and decent rounds by his pursuers means that the race has tightened up again.

However, it wasn't all back for Rob, as he did win his match play over Jamie. I don't have the details but sign language updates throughout the day indicated that is was a close match all the way, with Rob prevailing 1 up.

The almost hole in one tale from Steve Hooper (in the third person? and edited slightly)

Having put a 54-degree wedge to within 2 feet from 104 metres out on the 13th (4th Lakes) Steve's confidence was riding high, then up came the dreaded 14th, par 3 over the lake. Steve sped off to the tee on the stand-up buggy. The par 3 was playing a little longer and more daunting than usual due to the back-Tee placements. 

He stood astride the white tee box markers so as get a distance reading with his range finder, he bounced the laser off Pete Fitzpatricks arse, as there was not a whisper of a breeze, the flag was still. He replied "163" to his quizzical playing group, quickly followed by "only joking 141". Mike Patton didn't believe him and had to check for himself. (MP: I always zap my own distance, nothing personal Steve) Mike then announced his grand plan "I'm going to put this one up high, land it past the pin into the slope and then and back spin it close." Steve thought what a great idea and hitting first he figured he would do the same. He set himself up on the far left of the tee box to take the bunker out of play. With 9 iron in hand after one practice swing, he struck the ball, the sound off the club was a sweet as (censored). The ball landed as if from heaven itself half a metre to the right of the pin, with the back spin and slope it came to rest 20cms on the low side of the hole, his closest yet to an ace. But all the same a fine tap in birdie. (MP: going to keep big mouth shut in the future so no one else steals my shots. lol )


1st: Nigel Smith (38)

2nd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (38)

3rd: Leigh Harris (36)

NAGA: Mike Newman (20)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Dave Ovel

Pines 7th: Craig Markham

Lakes 3rd: Nigel Smith

Lakes 5th: Steve Hooper

Lakes 8th: Matthew Gibson

Nearest in 2: Pete Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 3: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Matthew Gibson

B Grade: Scott Robins

Match Play

Rob Mizen 1up over Jamie Fitzpatrick

Andrew MacCarthy(injured) forfeit to Paul Heine

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