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  • Craig Markham

Scott ignores the conditions for a cracking round

Collier Park - Monthly Medal - Pines Lake

This week was stroke and Golden Putter (GP). Two Match plays were also planned with both of them ending in a tie, so its back to square one the next time they can manage it.

I was lucky enough watch Marc and Dave play which was pretty close all the way around. With a few holes to go things became really interesting. Dave on the Par 3 Lakes 5th hole just missed out on the NTP, Marc was off the green almost in the water, he  chips to within an inch, Dave makes Par. Next hole Marc has a terrible drive, Dave is in the middle after a lucky bounce 100m out, Marc gets on for 5 , Dave hits his second, it gets caught in a tree. Has to go back and hit another, he puts that within 2 meters and ends up winning the hole and going to one up. Par 3, 8th hole, Marc pars, Dave puts his 1st putt 4 meters past the hole, sinks the putt on the way back. Marc wins the last and we are tied. The funny thing of the day was this group plus the pirate, had a string of the shortest drives and shots in history, 2 did some that went only a couple of meters. I did a second shot that went about 2 inches but Pirate took the cake, a drive that was crushed straight down into the ground off the tee, it bounces backward about two meters and sucked fwd to end up about 1 meter behind the tee still the ground. Very hard to do!!          

And here is Dave Ovel's retelling of the event. :)

I'll paint the picture, Pines 5th, no one on the driving range which was oddly strange, slight drizzle in the air and a little breeze coming off the right (driving range).

Dave Thomas steps up to the tee after having a double bogey on the last. He has a bit of anger running through his body but proceeds to tee up his ball (maybe a little higher than usual) and begins his pre-drive routine. Once ready to release his anger and smash his ball down the middle of the fairway he steps up and begins to swing at his ball.

What happens next can only be described as a once in a lifetime shot. He somehow and I'm still not sure how he achieved this but his swing must have come down so steeply that he has hit the ball into the ground with so much spin that it has popped back up in the air and landed behind where it had started. Which then hopped forward half a foot after hitting the ground, see picture for estimated ball flight.

After everyone else teed off he proceeded to hit his second shot, from behind his first, with his hybrid straight down the middle of the fairway, nice recovery.

(MP) And under a little known recently changed rule, Dave could have re-teed his ball as per this explanation

Congratulations to the winners, Scott put in a great effort and Basil found some form while Steve is becoming Mr Consistent. The weather was against us all and it was reflected in the scores with mist around Net 76 to 78. Putting was nightmare and I couldn’t tell you who did well in that aside from Basil whom had a great 27 which launched him into GP territory. 

And how about this for a plugged lie on the 18th fairway. Nice one Trev!


1st: Scott Robins (67)

2nd: Steve Hooper (70)

3rd: Basil Musca (71)

NAGA: Robin Dalby (90)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Trevor Bindon

Pines 7th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Lake 3rd: Mike Newman

Lake 5th: Lui Dinardo

Lake 8th: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 2: Johnny Scafidi

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Norm Mews

B Grade: Dave Thomas

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