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Round 7 (Pines/Island) - Russian Stableford

Updated: Apr 22

Round 7 Collier - Pines/Island - Russian Stableford


1st: Craig Markham & David Ogg (85)

2nd: Team Geddes (82)

3rd: Stafford Mellowship & Peter Plater (73)

NAGA: Luke Delahunty & Matt Gibson


Pines 3rd: Lawrie Gibson

Pines 7th: Matt Scoble

Island 2nd: Ryan Nottle

Island 4th: Nigel Smith

Long Drive A: Matt Gibson

Long Drive B: Jason Dagg

Nearest in 2: Craig Markham

Nearest in 3: Matt Gibson

Longest Putt: Stafford Mellowship

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