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Round 11 (Pines/Lake) - ANZAC Trophy - Stableford

Round 11 - Pines/Lake - ANZAC Trophy - Stableford

The ANZAC Trophy is a special major, as it is a chance for us a club to pay respect and gratitude for eth sacrifices made by the ANZACS and those still serving today.


It was full field and we started the day by gathering as club for the traditional ceremony, conducted by Ian Havenstein. It is an amazing ceremony and clearly motivates the members as, last year we had 9 members hitting handicap or better and this year we had 8, with 3 more hitting 35 points.


Josh back for his first round this year and now a proud father hit 36, Stafford (36), Mitch (36),  Mark D & Jonny Scafidi hitting 38 which any other week would get you a podium, but not this week. Craig M, with 39 and third place, Peter Fitz with 40 and second place and the winner on the day Peter Plater with a 41.


We also had 9 match play rounds with 8 getting results and 1 finishing square


Dean def Pirate 4&3

Jonny Morris def myself 3&2

Mitch def Luke 4&3

Ovel def M.Geddes 2&1

Scaf def Ryan 4&2

Mizen Def Oggy 1up

Mark D def nigel 3&2

Gibbo def Tallon 1up


Sir Bob all square with Craggy


1st: Peter PLater

2nd: Peter Fitz

3rd: Craig M

NAGA: Peter Tallon


Pines 3rd: Craig Billings

Pines 7th: Mitch

Lake 3rd: Peter Fitz

Lake 5th: John Morris

Lake 8th: J. Scafidi

Long Drive A: Gibbo

Long Drive B: STafford

Nearest in 2: Craggy

Nearest in 3: Oggy

Longest Putt: Craig M

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