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Round 6 Collier - Lake/Island (Sweaty Stableford)

Round 6 (Collier Park – Lake/Island) Stableford

Round 6 will be referred to as Sweaty Sunday, with 27 sets of sweaty balls hitting the lakes/Island for a round of stableford.  Time is short this week so we will be focussing on the important highlights of the round.

Let’s start with the feel good story of the week and last weeks Naga,  Matty “Massive” Gibbo, shooting a 37 point round, he answered his critics in the only way he knows how, by really stepping up his game, and taking it to the next level, when he found his  rhythm and never looked back. He dialled in his focus and it paid off, when he demonstrated great improvement across the board. Comments heard from Matty back in the clubhouse,

 “I was really Up and about, but I’m not getting carried away and will be taking it one round at a time. Full credit to clubs, they really played their role this week and showed that it is  game of two rounds. I knew the weather was gonna come out hard and sweaty so sticking to my “structures” and applying some scorecard pressure early was key to securing the 37points.”

Now let’s talk about the podium finishers, Pirate is back on the  podium in 2nd with a great round of 38 points, going out in 19 and back in 19 and with only 1 wipe on the front 9.  

The second week where we have had new member wining their maiden Players Club Competition, with Iain Tordoff taking out first place with 38 points beating Pirate on a count back, going out with 18 pts and home with 20 points, what a great win.

Now the final highlight of Sweaty Sunday was the battle for 3rd, a family battle, brother against brother, oldest vs youngest, Me vs B,  It was a ding dong battle royale.

I  opened up with a birdie on the first hole scoring 4 points and putting instant scoreboard pressure on Basil, and it worked as he scrambled a single point. I let myself down on the 2nd just scoring a a single point, with Old man Musca getting 2, the next 3 holes saw us both scoring 2 points each hole, getting to the 6th tee with me holding a 2 point lead.  I stumbled on the 6th wiping the hole, and old Man paring the hole and jumping ahead by 1 point. We  both pared the 7th,. Basil par’d the 8th getting 3 pots and crucially I birdied the 8th and scored a 3 as Basil had a shot on this one. I rounded out the front nine with 2 pointer and Basil a 1 pointer, both turning with 19. It was on……  We bot opened up et back nine with a par each and both getting 3points, we both bogeyed the 11th but Bas taking the lead  with an extra point as I gave him a shot. 2 pts each on  the 12th. I drew level on the 13th with Basil hitting a double and myself a bogey. Basil takes the lead after the 14th by 1 point, the 15th we both score a point and Basil holds the lead by 1. 16th we both par and score 3 pts, Basil still up by 1pt. 17th I back my last par with another even up the scores, we both bogey the last and finish with 18 o each on eth back nine, scores level and I finish ahead on a count back.  The score sits at 6 -2 to me so far this season. What a battle and how lucky were Hammo & Gibbo to have front row seats.


1st: Iain Tordoff (38pts)

2nd: Arrrh the Pirate (38pts)

3rd: Peter Musca (37p)

NAGA: Dave Ovel


Lake 3rd: Scott Robins

Lake 5th: Gibbo

Lake 8th: P.Musca

Island 2nd: Craig Markham

Island 4th: Tony Calder

Long Drive A: Michael Cragg

Long Drive B: Sir Bob

Nearest in 2: no one

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Putt: Old Man Musca

Money Hole: Gibbo

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