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Round 5 (Collier Park - Pines/Lakes) Monthly Medal (2)

Round 5 – (Collier Park Pines/Lakes) Monthly Medal (2)

It just seemed like yesterday that we had the first Monthly Medal, but here we were again on what dawned a beautiful day for golf, with near perfect conditions and a packed field of 29 golfers.


Despite the ideal conditions the early groups failed to shine with only Nigel was able to post a good overall score, although this looked pretty shakey after 9 holes when he was +4, he stormed home peeling off 6 pars and 2 bogeys which was a net 5 under for the back nine finishing 1 under, if only he had woken up earlier…


Group 4 had Hammo and Oggy in it who both shot under hcp, with Hammo going out net 1 under and coming home net 2 under finishing 3 under and just off the podium in 4th.  Interestingly Hammo came 4th in the last MM and then went MIA in the  comps between then and now,  Is he gonna be a MM specialist this year????

Oggy continued his great form going out with only 1 blemish on the frot nine with a double on  the 2nd hole, the rest of the nine was 6 pars and 2 birdies, turning  -3. The back nine had 2 ore birdies, 5 more pars and Bogey , and double bogey, coming home -2 and finishing -5, putting him into 2nd place on a count back. TC went round +5 and Matty Scobel just missing out on Naga by a shot. The winner of that honour  being a surprise, but we will get to him later….


Sir Bob played with Junior G, Heineken 3 and Mark ‘lucky’ Davies. Sir Bob finally had his much talked about clubs, so there was some pressure on Sir Bob, but he came through and delivered a net even round. Junior G had a Jekyll & Hyde sort of a round, delivering 7 pars across the 18, but finishing net +11, so when he wasn’t on he was definitely off.  Heineken 3, played to his namesake, going round net +3, but had his chances Heineken 0. Mark Davies also went rout +3 net, but his highlight was takin the money hole by landing his ball as far away from the  pin as possible, all anyone had to do was hit the green and they would have won it….. but we didn’t and he walked away with cash.


The next group was 3 ball with Hully, Iain T and the fabulous Geoff (She/her), Hullster had a fair crack at trying to get Naga, but managed to come home +11, Iain T had a great day at he office head ng out net +1 and then comig home with a net -1 and finishing even, this included 2 pars and a birdie on the par 4 6th on the Pines. Geoff was eth final member of the is group and she had a cracker of round, getting 2 pars on the front nine and turning net 2 under, the form continued on the back nine with 3 more pars and nett -3 finishing with a net 5 under and winning the day, this is Geoff’s maiden win at the Players Club.


The secnd last group really has only two people we really want to talk about, Mitch Fitz, scoring net 2 under on both nines, finishing 4 under and securing 3rd, this included 6 pars and birdie. The other big event in this group was Matty ‘Boom boom” Gibbo who took home the pen and Naga, he was clearly heard saying that he has had enough of those shit P790s and he is gonna give them away (to me). He finished +15 and that is with 7 pars, so his round was like Junior Gs, when he was good he looked like a golfer, and when he was bad he looked like a golfer.


1st: Geoff Kujawski (-5)

2nd: David Ogg (-5)

3rd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (-4)

NAGA: Matt Gibson (+15)

Nearest the Pins

  • Mark d

  • Jonesy

  • Gibbo

  • M.Ellis

  • Jonesy

Long Drive A: Oggy Oggy Oggy

Long Drive B: Jonesy

Nearest in 2: Mark D

Nearest in 3: Oy Oy Oy

Longest Putt: Tuffers

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