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Round 4 (Collier Park - Pines/Lakes) Par

Round 4 (Collier Park – Pines/Lakes) Par

Round 4 and the first Par event of the season, as El Capitano so eloquently stated, “this is Matchplay against the course,  Man vs Nature,  this was gonna be personal, you vs the Golf gods of Collier Park, Poseidon of the Pines  & The Lady of the Lakes”

The course went 1 up before we had even teed off with a  miScore competition calamity getting  El Capitino all in knots, calling phone Remote Ryan to sort it out.


Stafford, Lui and Pirate leading us out, with Poseidon getting the better of Lui and Pirate on the way out with both 3 down at the turn, Stafford was holding his own turning only 1 down.  The Lady of the Lakes, put Stafford in his place going 3 up on the way and Stafford finishing 4 down. Pirate screamed ARRRH and took on  the wench, coming home even on the back nine and finishing  3 down. Lui was able to charm the Lady and came home +1 on the back finishing 2 down.


Match play score: CP 3 - 0 PC


Group 2, Sir Bob G crumbled under Poseidons pressure going 4 down at the turn, and Trev fighting hard stayed afloat being 2 down. Laurie G stared down the god, looked him the eyes  never faltering, taunting the golf god him as he drove off to the tenth tee and his date with the Lady 1 up.  Poseidon’s  fall had unnerved the Lady of the Lakes, Trevor and Sir Bob G treated her with contempt and both went 2 up on the back nine, Sir Bob G finishing 2 down, Trev halving the match and Laurie was able to tame the Lady coming home even on the back and +1 overall.


Match play score: CP 4.5 – 1.5 PC


Poseidon was angry and took it out on Group 3 of Ovel, and the brothers Morris & Ellis. Ovel & John Morris turning on -3 and Marc turning 4 down. Ovel & Marc was able to charm the Lady with smile and wink finishing the back 9 even, but John Morris wasn’t so lucky coming home -1. The group finishing with Ovel -3, John Morris -3 and Marc Ellis -4.


Match play score: CP 7.5 – 1.5 PC


Group 4 went out with only Cool Hand Luke (-1) and Andy J (0) putting up some resistance on the way out, with Poseidon feasting on  Hammo (-4)  and the Life of Brian (-5).  Hammo gave 2 to the Lady and Bwian gave 3 to the Lady on the way home, with Hammo (-6)  and No lIfe in Brian (-8). Luke on the other hand gave the Lady a rose and promise he would call, coming home even and finishing -1, and Jonesy tried the same but she wouldn’t fall for it coming home with -1 on the back, finishing -2.


Match play score: CP 11.5 – 1.5 PC


El Capitano, Heiney, Pete T and Paul Gabel were group 5. The Cap tried to forget the miScore incident but it was always at the back of his mind, he went out -1,  Heiney was in no mood for games and took to Poseidon going 1 up at the turn, Pete T was humbled going -4 and Pauly G played solid and turned -1.

The Lady of the lakes spanked Pauls Heiney beating him by 3 on the back, finishing -2. El Capitano went down by 2 on the way back in finishing -3.

It was a shouting match between Pete T and the Lady with  Lady slapping Pete T for 3 holes, he then slapped her back for 4  holes and then they finished just talking and in the end are still friends coming home even and finishing with -4.

Gabes took on the Lady’s back nine and got 1 up on her for the run home and finishing even.


Match play score: CP 15 – 2 PC


The final group of TC, Craggy, Scotty Robins and myself. Craggy had shay start going 2 down after 2, h hen switched on and finished the front +1, TC was +2 after 6 and looking good, but Poseidon turned the screws and TC turned -1. I turned even, with Poseidon and myself calling it a draw, Scotty and his new clubs were not getting on and Poseidon took full advantage and Scotty turned -5. The Lady went gentler on Scotty only going 2 up on him finishing -7. TC was having his own battle with a thumping noise in his head that was getting stronger by the minute and wasn’t expecting the Lady to hit him two red tee violations, he came home -2 finishing -3, Craggy was overrun coming home with -2 finishing -1 and I stayed the course with -1 on back finishing -1.


Final Match play score

Collier Park 19  - 2 Players Club


1st: Laurie Gibson (+1)

2nd: Trevor Bindon (0)

3rd: Luke Delahunty (-1)

NAGA: Brian Dempsey (-8)

Nearest the Pins

  • Dave Ovel

  • Pete T

  • Lui

  • Peter M

Long Drive A: David Ovel

Long Drive B: Pirate

Nearest in 2: Heiney

Nearest in 3: Cool Hand Luke

Longest Putt: TC

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