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Round 3 (Kwinana GC) - Summer Cup

The field heading to the first tee

Round 3 – (Kwinana GC) The Summer Cup


The Summer Cup, the golf gods looked down and said “it’s the Summer Cup, we better bring in the clouds and the threat of some drizzle.

It was a full field of 28, featuring current cup holder Ryan, and a number of new members teeing up in their first official comps, Iain Tordoff, Shaun Davies and Andrew Jones.


Mark D, Nige, TC and Trev lead the field off the 10th,  with Mark D leading the way out with 17 points, the rest of the plodding along with a couple of 14s and TC turning with 13. Not sure what happened at the turn but a different TC came to the tee and delivered a 21 on the 2nd nine finishing with 33, Davies was solid on the back nine with 18 and finished with 35.

Luke was in the 2nd group and was showing some class by delivering a 42 point first nine which he then followed up with 39 point back nine, he had staked his claim at the top and now it was a waiting game.


Group 3 was last years champ Mr Nottle, Oggy Oggy Oggy, Pete Tallon and myself.  Ryan couldn’t find his groove, wiping, then scoring 2 x 3 pointers then wiping, he scrambled to 14 on the way out and 13 back in.  Peter T was having a real crack at Naga, but then decided to eagle a par 5 on the back nine scoring a whopping 5 points and safely taking him out of the Naga zone. Meanwhile Oggy and myself played some consistent solid golf although Oggy and his putter were not getting on and the was definitely some tension between them, Oggy scoring 36 point and myself 35.


Group 4 tee off and Baz must have done something to piss off a crow, as it swooped in and took his ball. Basil  had a solid 15 on the front nine and slightly less solid 14 on the back.


El Capitano was in Group 5 and had a blistering 20 on the  front nine and was cruising through the back 9 with one hand on the Summer Cup. With 3 holes to go he is sitting on  33 points, needing 6 points with 3 holes to play. He double bogeys the Par 4, getting a point, he then

  • steps up to the second last hole

  • tees up his ball

  • hits his drive

  • then realises he has teed off the whites and incurred a penalty

  • stops swearing

  • tees off again

  • handing the title to Luke.

A par and 3 points on the last puts El Capitano safely into 2nd, but the Cap will be kicking himself for that school boy error. Safe to say that goes in as a nomination for years dipstick award.


The last group contained El President, and he was pushing for Podium, but fell shy on a count back to Oggy Oggy Oggy.


The fabulous non-binary Geoff (she/her) took money hole and Andrew Jones, on debut, took home a brand new pen for Naga.


Major Sponsor, Basil said a few words and handed out the bottles booze, with uf looking to drink his oneth way hoem to wipe away the memory.


The Hamburgers & steak burgers must get special mention as they were fantastic.


The post-match festivities included a putt-off competition that never fails to get laugh, Nobody claimed victory, but Stafford's attempt came tantalisingly close, finishing just behind the hole. Bob G stepped up and was on track to take home the huge purse to be let down with it lipping out... like the last month of Superball jackpots this one is going to the next major.


1st: Luke Delahunty (38)

2nd: Lawrence Tufnell (37)

3rd: David Ogg (36)

NAGA: Andrew Jones (17)


NTP 1: Craig Marham

NTP 2: Laurie Gibson

NTP 3: Geoff K

NTP 4: Potato Tallon

Long Drive A: Luke Skywalker

Long Drive B: Andrew Jones

Nearest in 2: Oggy

Nearest in 3: Matt Gibbo

Longest Putt: Ogster

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