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Round 1 - The Vines - The Black Douglas

The Vines - Lakes - The Black Douglas

The first round of the new season with a new Captain, a new Handicapper and a new webmaster, all with no idea what we are doing. The 2024 season kicked off at the Vines on a beautiful day of 25C. Our new progressive Captain decided to shake things up and instead of the the President hitting the first ball, he strode to the first tee on the Lakes course and took the shot himself pronouncing that we should all refer to him as El Capitano and that things are gonna change from now on.

El Capitano, Heiney, Pete Tallon and prospective new member with Iain Tordoff leading the field of 28 out.

Only one person would shoot better than their handicap and that was the eventual winner of the day.

El Capitano just couldn't get into a grove, getting 3 pars on the front, paired with 3 bogies, 2 doubles and a wipe, this continued into the back 9 with only 2 pars and the rest a mix of bogies and doubles, the new responsibilities maybe throwing him off his game.

Peter Fitz had a shaky start with 1 point after 2 holes then ground out 12 points on the front, the back nine started with a bang, picking up a 4 pointer and setting the tone for 20 point back nine, sitting in the club house early with 32 points. Gibbo came out and wiped the first hole but then peeled off a par, birdie and wipe and turned with 15 points, the back nine was better with a solid 18 points and a total of 33 and currently club house leader.

The middle groups headed out with no one really setting the world on fire, Nigel was in group 5 and put in a solid front nine with 16 points scoring on every hole, this continued for the next 8 holes on the back with 13 points, but then he produced something special and eagled the par 5 18th giving him 5 points and pushing him to the top of the leader board with 34 points.

It was going to be a nervous wait as there were two groups to come and one had Cool Hand Luke, who had come out of the blocks flying with 4 pars on the first 4 holes, he rounded out the front nine with 17 points, the back nine also started great with 2 pars each netting 3 points a couple of 1 point holes followed to cancel out the opening 2. Then 7 points on the next 3, which included a birdie, but faltered with a wipe and point on the last, heading into the club house with 33.

Mark Davies, last years Black Douglas winner was in the last group, and was here to play. The front nine had 7 x 2 pointers, a 3 pointer and a 1 pointer, turning with 18. The back nine was better, picking up multiple 3 pointers and only dropping 1 point coming in with 19 and a total 37 and back to back Black Douglas wins.

We also had the The Presidents dad join us, the honourable Mr Bob Geddes, who will be joining the club in this season.

The final mention is the first NAGA going to Trevor.


1st: Mark Davies (37)

2nd: Nigel Smith (34)

3rd: Matt Gibson (33)

NAGA: Trevor Bindon


NTP 1:  Mitch Fitz

NTP 2:  Matt Gibbo

NTP 3: Marc Geddes

NTP 4: Mark Davies

Long Drive A: Matt Gibson

Long Drive B: Dean Hull

Nearest in 2: Mark Dvies

Nearest in 3: Nigel Smith

Longest Putt: Scott Robins

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