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Rob Limps home for the win

This week was the Captains Trophy’s and a chance to build on a competitive master Jacket score. Thanks to Peter Fitzpatrick for sponsoring the event and to Lawrie for arranging new shirts for everyone in record time.

Overall the scores were panning out to be quite high with Johnny, Lui and Heiney looking good after 13 holes. My good self and Jack were also scoring well only 4 over after 14 holes but I faded late and the handicap caught up with Jack whilst a mid-game surge had Trevor up there.

Out of the pack came Rob Mathias with his cracked ankle and ligament strain in tow. He was dropping putts for pars and birdies and ended up with a great score of 42 with a wipe on the last. Well done Rob, great win. Trevor and Johnny came in tied at 40 with Johnny taking the cash on the money hole. Its always unlucky to miss out on a major with a 40 plus score (spare a thought for those playing when Robin came in with a 48!).

1st Rob Mathias 42

2nd Trevor Bindon 40

3rd Johnny Scafidi 40

NAGA Marc Ellis 23


3rd Johnny Scafidi

7th Jack Wagner


2nd Johnny Scafidi $$$

4th Marc Ellis

N2 Rob Mathias

N3 Mitch Fitzpatrick

LD A Mark Davies

LD B Peter Musca

Long Putt Mitch Fitzpatrick

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