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President takes out the Captain's

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Collier Park - Captain's Trophy

This week was the third major in the quest for the coveted blue jacket, the Captain's Trophy.

The weather forecast wasn't looking good and it certainly lived up to the billing. This was a day when any weaknesses in your wet weather gear were mercilessly exploited by the elements. Play was "suspended" just after midway while a textbook WA horizontal deluge blew through. The greens were unplayable for about 15 minutes. Most groups waited but a couple of stubborn sorts thought that they could putt in 2cm of water. You know who you are.

It was a day for taking an extra club, managing your game and the making the best of ++un-fun conditions. Orwellian references aside, Dave Ovel rose to the challenge with an impressive 35 points. In his own words, he hit a lot of good solid shots all day and held it together. Rob Mizen who was equally steady and was only pipped by Dave on a count back. Phil was one point back of the leaders, after not quite maintaining his great front nine form on the back.

Mike P was the first of the rest with 32, edging out Lawrie on count back.

Speaking of the President and taking out, Dave's round almost never was. After a wayward drive on the first hole, Leigh had to draw the ball around a group of trees back onto the fairway. Dave, confident in Leigh's ability, strode up the opposite side of the fairway shrugging off pleas from Leigh to "watch yourself". Leigh's execution didn't match the plan producing a head high bullet push fade straight towards Dave. Leigh yelled, but by the time Dave reacted, the ball was long past him after passing within 1.5 feet of his head.

Afterwards, it was great to get together with everyone afterwards to enjoy some warm food. Collier burgers have never tasted better. Although, after that slog, a warmed bit of shoe leather in a bun with some sauce probably would have seemed delicious as well.

Did I mention that the weather looks equally ominous for next week as well.

Group reports

Phil Hudson

Group 2: Phil Hudson, Rob Mizen, Lawrie Gibson, Dave Thomas

Rob Mizen played really steady all round with some great putting. One that comes to mind was a long par putt on the par 5 5th for a 5/4. He also had some brilliant recovery shots which always kept him in the hole and keeping the wipes down to only 1 for the round. 

Myself had a brilliant front 9 stringing a run of 4 pars out in 21. But as I quite often do in majors, my back 9 lets me down, so I’m still chasing my first major.

As for Lawrie, a steady round with some good tee shots, but unfortunately just lipped out on numerous occasions, but still carded a respectable score 

Dave Thomas was a lot like Laurie, I think they had scored pretty much the same for a run of holes. Dave had some lovely long putts drop which again gave him a respectable score also.

Mike Patton

Group 6: Mike Patton, Scott Robins, Steve Hooper, Gary Hammond

Scott had one of those days when he just couldn't get things going, with either the putter, tee shot, or approaches letting him down on each hole.

Steve hit some great shots today, with at least one birdie and some rock solid pars, including a great shot on the par 3 Pines 7 to about 8 feet. But a few too may got away on the back nine and his score slipped back to mid pack.

Gary's putting super-power was on the fritz early on and although it came later on, by then he was too far adrift to recover.

Myself, well, for the first five holes I flubbed 100m drives along the ground into the trees and threw in a bad three putt just for fun. Turning on 14 points, I said to Gary, "Well, I guess we'll have to light it up on the back". Which I proceeded to do, standing 2 over for the 9 on the 18th tee, only to be undone by two bad shots and a short missed putt to wipe the final hole.


1st: Dave Ovel (35)

2nd: Rob Mizen (35)

3rd: Phil Hudson (34)

NAGA: Rob Mathias (23)

With increasing relaxation of restrictions, novelties were reintroduced this week.

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Trevor Bindon

Pines 7th: Steve Hooper

Lake 3rd: No takers

Lake 5th: Leigh Harris

Lake 8th: Mike Patton

Nearest in 2: Mike Patton

Nearest in 3: Peter Tallon

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Mike Newman

B Grade: Tony Calder

Longest Putt: Basil Musca

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