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Patton dodges the putting demons

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Memorial Cup - Rockingham - Stableford

This week was the second major of the year, the Memorial Cup. The cup was designed to spare a thought for the members that have passed away over time. Generally it’s a list of names no one knows unless you speak to members that have been around for about 20 years. Sadly though, this year is different with the passing of Doug Stewart early this year after 33 plus years with the club. His name will be added to the list. We all knew him well and as Basil and myself discussed,  it’s hard to believe he is actually gone . 

Rockingham was the course and the greens were sensational. The weather was threatening after a large storm was forecast. The wind was certainly up and caused anything off course to wave goodbye and the 180 -200m par 3s were a challenge as many a 3 wood fell short.  The scores reflected the difficulty with no one actually playing to handicap. The winner Mike, was closest with a great 35 off a 9. A truly great round given the length of the course and the conditions. Apparently the putter was running hot.(MP: understatement of the year) Leigh also played well for 33 with the ever consistent Mitch taking home 3rd with 32. These scores are going to be handy come Masters Jacket calculations. 

Stafford struggled but he was not alone, finishing on 19, there was 4 on 22 and at least 2 on 23. 

The club welcomed Matt Gibson for his first card and he played well with some great drives and all round play, he is certainly going to be a handy player.

1st: Mike Patton (35)

2nd: Leigh Harris (33)

3rd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (32)

NAGA: Stafford Mellowship (19)

Match Plays

(MP) Given the nasty weather forecast you cannot blame anyone for deferring. :)

Group 7 report - Mike Patton

It was the Mikes (N&P) and ScottR bringing up the rear today and forced to endure the scowls from the local members trying to beat the storm. Eye contact was strenuously avoided.

All of us hit our share of great shots and absolute stinkers. Mike and Scott hit the ball better than they scored and I scored better than I hit it.

But the story of our group was that I somehow managed to exorcise the demons from my putter and had probably the best flat stick day since joining the club five years ago.

Maybe Dougie passed some of his putting magic on to me today.

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