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Norm wins then promptly retires

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Collier - Pines Island - Monthly Medal - Stroke

This week was the final Monthly Medal qualifying round of the year with the final to be played in October which will coincide wit the final round of the Golden Putter .

The Islands greens were sanded this week which meant there was a few stray and annoying putts. This didn’t seem to affect Norm, The Pirate and Rob as they ran away with the wins.

It was the last round of the year for Norm who is having wrist surgery ( not his favourite wrist ) so it was a fitting win to end the year on a high. A little sigh for the others in the Medals of Medals final that a contender is out! We wish Norm all the best and speedy recovery.


1st: Norm Mews (68)

2nd: Rob Mathias (70)

3rd: Dave Thomas (71)

NAGA: John Morris (90)


Pines 3rd: Nigel Smith

Pines 7th: Nigel Smith

Island 2nd: Dave Thomas

Island 4th: David Ogg

Long Drive A: Darren Kavanagh

Long Drive B: Tony Calder

Nearest in 2: Basil Musca

Nearest in 3: Paul Heine

Longest Putt: Rob Mathias

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