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  • Craig Markham

Nice day to be home by the fire, unless you win that is

Springs Golf Course - Stableford

No photo due to water logged phone

This week was the Armadale Springs Course. If  you have never played it I suggest you get down there and give it a try, its not long but its all about the short game. The greens are in really good condition and they are the most undulating things you are ever seen. It's nothing to 3 putt all of them.  I did some research on it for the previous month and the most anyone registered had scored was 36, the next was 34 and it went down after that. Having seen that, the club record of 30 by Norm last year looked safe.   

The day was soured by heavy rain and driving winds. I can only think of two other days in my tenure with the club that were just as bad. The Cut and Secret Harbor and half a game at Wanneroo. We were all soaked by the 5th hole regardless of wet weather gear or umbrellas. The smart people wore shorts under the gear or bought a change of clothes after the game.  

Special thanks to Pete and Norm for their presentation to myself before the game, I think we will touch on that more at the end of the year, it was greatly appreciated.  

I would love to talk more about the game but it was just rain rain rain, 3 putt 3 putt 3 putt.(MP: looks like Lui made the right call to pull out after initially accepting the invite)

Tony gave the record a scare which was good to see and came in with 28, for the conditions it was a great score.

Heine was solid for 27 and Steve had the new clubs firing, but then the putts stopped on the edge time after time, so he could have had anything.  


1st: Tony Calder (28)

2nd: Paul Heine (27)

3rd: Steve Hooper (26)

NAGA: Trevor Bindon (17)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: Dave Ovel

4th: Craig Markham

7th: Peter Fitzpatrick

12th: Steve Hooper

13th: Mike Newman

16th: Steve Hooper

Nearest in 2: Tony Calder

Nearest in 3: No takers

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Tony Calder

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