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New Captain rules Summer Cup

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Seaview - Summer Cup - Stableford

This week was the first major of the year, the Summer Cup. It was played at Seaview (and for those interested in history) it is the 3rd oldest course in WA and was established in 1898. The oldest and first course is the Albany Course established in 1895 and the Royal Perth Golf Club about the same time. However they had a club and no course for a couple of years until one was developed in Wattelup, which was their home ground prior to settling into the South Perth location.

Anyway, the greens were recently cored and as Sculptures by the Sea was on there was a number of moving targets walking across fairways which caused a few added frustrations so I think next year a shuffle of the fixtures might be in order.

The club would like to thank Lawrie for sponsoring the event, he set a pretty good precedent as the first prize was a box of Titleist Pro V1’s. A great prize for the winner and our new captain who put in a 24 point front 9 to set himself up. The layout of the course is always tricky and the conditions of the greens lead to some low stableford scores with only one person making handicap. The food was good though with pizza all round.


1st: Scott Robins (38)

2nd: Stafford Mellowship (35)

3rd: Craig Markham (34)

NAGA: Nigel Smith (15)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Dave Thomas

8th: Lui Dinardo

13th: Mike Patton

17th: Nigel Smith

Nearest in 2: Craig Markham

Nearest in 3: Gary Hammond

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Steve Hooper

B Grade: Dave Thomas

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