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Mizen wins second major of the year at the President's cup

Maylands - President's Cup - Stableford Par

(MP: in this post-truth world, if you're going to photo shop, make it a bad one!)

After some slight booking issues and the Sun City greens being sanded, it was decided to test the water at Maylands! The booking went fine under 3 names and it felt like going home to a warm meal, even better as I got to walk to golf again. The course is in great condition and it was predicted that the scores wouldn’t be too high as most lost 2 or 3 on handicap and we all forget how tight Maylands can be, along with 14 out 18 holes having either water or out of bounds.  

It turned out to be a close tussle again for another major between myself and Rob Mizen after he took the prize in a countback earlier in the year. I pretty much did everything possible to get a good score with couple of 300m drives when they mattered, went 4 iron 7 iron on the par five 14th  and a few up and downs around the green for a 77 all up, but a 3 putt on the first and a double on the second proved costly. 

Hammo wasn’t far behind playing off his lowest ever handicap of 10, he managed to birdie two of the par 5s but coming in with 3 holes you don’t get shots proved the difference.  

Rob though, what can we say, he is the very definition of course management, driving and putting around the place to come in with a 39 to take his second major of the year. Well done, its very rare to win two in a year. Lui had a great front 9 as well which set up for a good score of 36. All of this tightens the Master Jackets race. (MP: Err, I think Craig means tightens Rob's grip on the jacket? See the Masters Jacket page for more info)

Now, I must apologise to Rob. When looking at the cards, I thought he had made an error in the scores and that his score was 38 not 39 and as a result the win on countback went to me. Ian however, pointed out that it wasn’t an error at all and I was reading the women’s index not the par area. So now I cant spell or read, sorry for the heart attack Rob! I usually get some sort of dip stick nomination and think we just found it.

Unfortunately we missed out on a meal despite advising the club house Thursday and before the game, so we will get a meal next week at Collier in which we will also buy some balls and provide the below novelties.   


1st: Rob Mizen (39)

2nd: Craig Markham (38)

3rd: Lui Dinardo (36)

NAGA: Johnny Scafidi (19)

Nearest to Pins:

5th: Mark Ellis

8th: Steve Hooper

9th: Norm Mews

13th: Robin Dalby

16th: Craig Markham

Nearest in 2: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 3: Tony Calder

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Tony Calder

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