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Mizen again? Wowsers!

Collier - Monthly Medal - Stroke

This week it was back to Collier for another round of stroke, Monthly Medal and Golden Putter. The conditions were perfect and Rob continued with his winning form with another great round. Scores were pretty good across the board with a number of people hovering around 68 and 69 which you would think gives yourself a great chance of a win.

There were three Matchplays on the go as well with the final rounds fast approaching.  Which leads me to the next unfortunate event ….

In the match between Rob and Leigh there was confusion (unknown at the time) in giving away a shot on a particular index hole.  Leigh gave 14 shots and, on the index, 12th hole they both had the same score stroke and stableford wise and therefore that should be a hole won to Rob in the Matchplay, however it was listed as halved. I believe this happened again on another hole. This all went ahead unbeknownst to either person and the match was finalised with Leigh being two up with one to play. A check of the score by Hammo (based on Rob winning the day and Leigh being a bit further back in the pack) at the end of the day highlighted the error. This bought into a play a check of the GA Rule which is listed below.

After much discussion by the committee, it was decided that the rule be upheld. The thing to consider with Matchplay is the perceived pressure a person is under during their game and the influence the score has of your shot selection based on your partners score or position. This can be well outside your natural game. This was the basis of the decision with the backing of the rule. It’s an unfortunate reminder that scoring is part of the game and we should all take care.


1st: Rob Mizen (67)

2nd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (68)

3rd: Ian Havenstein (68)

NAGA: Tony Calder (82)

Nearest to Pins:

Lakes 3rd: Leigh Harris

Lakes 5th: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Lakes 8th: Nigel Smith

Island 2nd: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Island 4th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: Leigh Harris

Nearest in 3: Dave Thomas

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Craig Markham

B Grade: Tony Calder

Match Play

Leigh Harris 2 and 1 over Rob Mizen

Rob Mathias 2 and 1 over Johny Scafidi

Dave Ovel 4 and 3 over Nigel Smith

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