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Mitch repeats at Wanneroo

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Wanneroo - Stableford

On the 1st hole played, 10th par 5 and money hole, Basil Musca hit a beautiful drive short of the corner, played a sensible 7 iron 2nd shot and a cracking pitching wedge onto the green close enough to get nearest for three and picked up an easy $50. Two putts for a standard par and great start to the round.

Some mention-able events during the game:

1) Pirate (Dave Thomas) lost control of his remote controlled buggy with it overturning in bunker of 6th hole.

(MP: must be something about Wanneroo and carts as Hammo did something similar last year)

On the 15th, par 3 water hole, same said player mishit tee shot, ball skidded across lake in fine Dam Buster fashion onto green and two putted for a questionable good par.

2) A top player (low handicapper) Jack Wagner reputedly had two shanks in a row and then had the temerity to suggest it was done on purpose so as to identify the possibility of it occurring again and take preventive action accordingly (as if).

3) Craig Markham, another good player, had 32 points for the day. After 7 holes,

had 4 points finished with 10 points and came home with 22 points.

4) Steve Hooper, on an unidentified hole, decided to patronise his Chiropractor by playing an impossible shot. Thinking he was part of a ballet troupe, wearing a tutu

and with his ball nestled 6” from the base of a Grass tree, sitting astride said tree, there was a whooshing sound as he missed the ball. Like the good golfer that he is, he followed through and the shaft met his shin thereby snapping the 4 iron. Suffice to say he is in better shape than his club.

5) Lawrie Gibson has given up buying Lotto tickets with his episode on the 14th hole, dog left par 4. He was 80 metres, just off the fairway, in front of fellow golfer, Andrew Chilcott. Andrew managed to shank his shot with the ball heading at warp speed towards Lawrie. Now Lawrie, being a former excellent ballroom dancer, managed a two shoe shuffle to meet the incoming ball. It struck him 2” below and left of his ticker. Word has it that Lawrie’s corpulent physique saved the day otherwise he would have been pushing up daisies by now.

Overall it may be said that Wanneroo Golf course had the measure of wannabe golfers.

Having said that, I am embarrassed to say that, on my own track, I almost got the NAGA. I was denied that privilege when Hoops managed to swoop in the closing stages and beat me to it by one stableford point.

Link to full results


1st: Mitch Fitzpatrick (34)

2nd: Norm Mews (33)

3rd: Paul Heine (33)

NAGA: Steve Hooper (22)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Jack Wagner

8th: Ryan Nottle

11th: Craig Markham

15th: Lui Dinardo

Nearest in 2: Craig Markham

Nearest in 3: Ryan Nottle

Longest Putt: Andrew Chilcott

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Mike Patton

B Grade: Tony Calder

Money hole: Basil Musca

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