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Mitch pars along for back to back wins

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Collier Park - Par

No pics as everyone bolted. Will get the winners together in the future for a picture.

This week was the dreaded Par and a few Match Plays on the side.

There was a reasonably strong breeze blowing that no one really seemed to notice, however it could have been a contributor to the unusually low/poor scores. Only one person played to their handicap, which is very unusual at Collier Park.

The committee saw the opportunity to place two new members into the Match play rounds after a few people had withdrawn.  Johnny and Stan stepped up, but for Stan the news wasn’t good. He had one of those unlucky rounds were nothing went right and Jonny could do no wrong winning 6 and 5. Both enjoyed the round though and had a laugh which is great to see.

Mitch and Lui played which was a close one for most of the round, however Mitch hung around the two up for a while and came home with the win 2 up. Whilst Nigel accounted for Hammo 3 and 2.

Stan and Steve had uncharacteristic shockers and finished -10 and Steve took the NAGA after a lengthy count back ( or is it forwards in those circumstances?)

There was a large group on – 2 and -3 which was a count back nightmare. Trevor turned out to be the better of that bunch and took home 3rd place.


1st: Mitch Fitzpatrick (0)

2nd: Nigel Smith (-1)

3rd: Trevor Bindon (-2)

NAGA: Rob Mathias (23)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Scott Robins

Pines 7th: No takers

Lake 3rd: Rob Mathias

Lake 5th: Craig Markham

Lake 8th: Matt Gibson

Nearest in 2: No takers

Nearest in 3: Stan Tan

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Tony Calder

Longest Putt: Basil Musca

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