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Mitch manages Wanneroo best

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Wanneroo - Stableford

Your resident webmaster again stepping in for Craig with the report this week. Craig has been busy enough this year managing all the Covid restriction group planning on top of regular Captain duties.

This weeks game was at the Wanneroo Golf Club which is always a challenging course with some subtle but substantial breaks on the greens that puts a premium on good green reading. No one ever blows the course away and winning scores seldom exceed the mid 30's.

Nigel and myself played our match play. Well, Nigel played, I could have qualified for the Greenpeace honour role with all the tree hugging I was doing. On occasion I would make a miracle shot like the approach on 12 through 170 metres of trees, but you cannot rely on that all day. Nigel was rock solid tee to green throughout the day gradually pulling away until it finished 5 and 4. A match play win and just missing out on the podium on a count back. Well played, NS.

Mitch Fitzpatrick was best on the day with 36. Normally, when the report writer plays with the winner, they are able to wax lyrically with detailed stories of the winning round. But being in a general funk about the state of my game on the day, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. Sorry Mitch. But I do recall a lot of good drives off the tees, good recoveries and course management when things weren't bullet straight. And of course that spectacular 2nd shot on the final hole that deserved better than just rolling nearly off the back of the green.

The handicapping authorities weren't very kind with respect to new member Johnny Scafidi's handicap, docking a full 3 strokes off the normal three initial card calculation. With his good form today though, he was in danger of having it cut again. However, fairness prevailed and his 34 was enough for a podium without additional handicap cutting.

Steve Hooper occupied the third and final podium step.

In other news, it was the debut for Hammo's new motorised buggy. I jokingly said to him in the parking lot that I hoped this maiden voyage didn't have a Titanic ending. The Titanic made it most of the way on it's trip, but such was not the case today. On only the second hole of the day, unable to resist playing with the fancy remote control, he unceremoniously tipped the buggy on it's side. Back on L plates for you Gary!

And apparently, for some reason, being stalked by a terminator like robotic killing machine, completely put Craig off his game, thus ensuring NAGA.


1st: Mitch Fitzpatrick (36)

2nd: Johnny Scafidi (34)

3rd: Steve Hooper (34)

NAGA: Craig Markham (19)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Basil Musca

8th: Matt Gibson

11th: Stafford Mellowship

15th: Peter Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 2: Steve Hooper

Nearest in 3: Nigel Smith

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Mitch Fitzpatrick

B Grade: Nigel Smith

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