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Mike Newman hits Collier for six with his first win in 11 months

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Collier Park - Par

“Par, par, par, par – everybody loves par” – sang no one ever, however after Sunday the scribe may just start doing that.

A good field turned out on Sunday despite the threat of rain. Two match plays were fought out, with Ryan Nottle a late withdrawal from the round due to illness. Once the battles were fought, the missed putts lamented, and the scores tallied up, many were left wishing they’d started at the 19th hole.

Nigel Smith missed out on his usual warm up game on Friday due to mechanical issues (car not the driver) but despite this he got the win in his matchplay against John Morris. Perhaps the match play got in John’s head as not only is his matchplay run for 2021 over but a -9 secured NAGA status as well.

Jamie Fitzpatrick won his match play against Rob Matthias despite missing a string of missed putts inside five feet. Perhaps he’ll be another one for Gary “Golden Putter” Hammond to coach along with Matt Gibson. Matt also missed a string of sitters today, none worse than on the 8th where he four putted despite being on the green in two. Nearest in three doesn’t count for much when the end result is a minus.

As for the results, Trev Bindon popped up for third place with a +2. Trev’s shrinking waistline is mirroring his shrinking handicap, and his personal discipline on both is really pleasing to see. Square through the Pines, a +2 around the Island gave him a podium finish. The Smiling Assassin Jack Wagner grabbed second place with a +3, which on any other day could have seen him take home the chocolates. Sunday was not like any other day, however, as someone finally put a full round together to emerge victorious.

When folks find out they’re in the scribe’s group they usually ensure earplugs are in their bag somewhere, as the language is always colourful and there’s never any confusion over what the scribe is thinking. His playing partners on Sunday were spared the usual tirade as the scribe backed up a +3 on the Pines with the same result around the Island. He had the pace of the greens down pat, but the radar was off a bit at times. Despite this, 82 off the stick, just one minus, and a +6 overall gave the scribe his first win in 11 months as well as a new personal best stroke score.

Next Sunday is at El Caballo for a 07:30am start. Get in early to let the team know if you’re available. We have carts available and they’re definitely recommended. Many of you remember a year or two ago where carts were almost sideways going down fairways in the rain. Hopefully it holds off long enough for us to enjoy the hospitality that the El Caballo team always lay on.

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