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  • Mike Newman

Mike Newman chips and putts to victory in the August Monthly Medal

Collier - Monthly Medal - Stroke

Grey skies greeted sixteen golfers on Sunday morning, as did a rebuilt rock wall around the Island nine. Also greeting arrivals were new speed bumps, their bone-jarring welcome ensuring car suspensions were working properly. Fortunately, all groups only wore a light sprinkling of rain compared with the week before. Stroke, putts, stableford and a Monthly Medal ensured full scorecards, and the live scoreboard kept everyone informed of progress.

The third and fourth groups supplied the podium and NAGA places. Third was everyone’s favourite copper Craig Markham with a net 71. Typical Craig rolled up a few minutes before tee time, teed it up and smashed a huge drive down the first. Second was the unlucky Pete Fitzpatrick with a net 70 and snagging his fourth podium of the season. Watching the live leaderboard he must have felt like history was repeating itself, as an unwelcome face pipped him for the top spot again.

Taking out the Monthly Medal for August with a net 68 was the scribe. A blip in the middle of the round threatened to bring him back to the pack, but five pars in a row around the Island helped to see him home. For once he got his act together with putter in hand (just 27 putts), and some deadly chipping around the greens got the job done. Some work with the driver is definitely required though, as when it was good it was good, but when it was bad it was horrible.

Captain Scotty took one for the team with a net 84 and NAGA on Sunday. Military golf didn’t help the cause and neither did some wayward tee shots. Better get that sorted out before next week Scotty or it could be a long day.

Next week is at The Cut (the scribe thinks a letter is missing from the name of the place). (Ed: is it an E?) The long-range weather forecast is looking OK so get in early to maximise the number of groups we can book. Oh, and speaking from experience make sure extra balls are in the bag, as if you’re wayward off the tee it can become an expensive day out.


1st: Mike Newman (68)

2nd: Pete Fitzpatrick (70)

3rd: Craig Markham (71)

NAGA: Scott Robins (84)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Paul Heine

Pines 7th: Steve Hooper

Island 2nd: Mike Newman

Island 4th: Marc Ellis

Nearest in 2: Jack Wagner

Nearest in 3: John Morris

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Tony Calder… er, sorry, David Ogg 😊

B Grade: Tony Calder

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