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Mike Cragg rewarded with 1.3 handicap chop

Collier - Pines Island - Par


1st: Michael Cragg (+6)

2nd: Ian Havenstein (+1)

3rd: Mark Davies (0)

NAGA: Gary Hammond (-8)


Pines 3rd: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Pines 7th: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Island 2nd: Mark Davies

Island 4th: Pete Tallon

Long Drive A: David Ogg

Long Drive B: Pete Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 2: Michael Cragg

Nearest in 3: Jack Wagner

Longest Putt: ?

Money Hole: Pete Fitzpatrick

Match Play

Mitch Fitzpatrick 5&3 over Marc Ellis

Stafford Mellowship 4&3 over John Morris

Marc Geddes 4&2 over David Ogg

Mike Cragg 5&3 over Dave Ovel

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