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Match Play round

Collier - Stableford

Details are a little sparse on this round.

Stafford obviously had a good day and was rewarded with a one stroke exceptional score reduction to his handicap. Welcome to the club Stafford, although you'll clear those 20 rounds faster than anyone else in the club. It will be two years before Mike Patton flushes those off his handicap calculation.

The other place getters also had good days and would have thought they were in with a chance of a win.

And apparently Craig lost his match play to Paul. :)


1st: Stafford Mellowship (43)

2nd: Scott Robins (41)

3rd: Brenton Newnham (40) cb from Lawrie

NAGA: Basil Musca (28)

Nearest to Pins:

Island 2nd: Peter Fitzpatrick

Island 4th: Ryan Nottle

Lakes 3rd: No takers

Lakes 5th: Craig Markham

Lakes 8th: Marc Ellis

Nearest in 2: No takers

Nearest in 3: Ryan Nottle

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Jack Wagner

B Grade: Brenton Newnham

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