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Markham manages monthly medal (A mouthful of M's)

Monthly Medal - The Vines - Stroke

This week after a bit of phoning around the club played at The Vines, for the first time in memory. The staggered start times was also something different, but the world didn’t cave in and everyone appeared happy. It was a great course in good condition and worth going back to in my opinion for the price. The club gets a voucher for 2 people including carts if we go twice which will be a good prize for the end of year windup. The rain caused a few issues, but the lack of strong winds was a bonus.   The greens were soft and held the incoming shots, they had a great pace to them and held the lines beautifully.

Keeping in line with the fixtures and the progress of end of season trophy’s, the decision was made to press on with stroke, Golden Putter and the Monthly medal. This obviously caused some grief, along with some heavy rain at times which was reflected in the scoring. Only one played to handicap and most people sat in the Net 78 to 88 range.

It was great to see Norm back after a knee operation and really missing no golf after this whole virus scenario. He played well and was looking like he could be the winner with a few pars and birdies but ran into trouble late.  

Leigh played  with a great back nine with a score of 4 over to be the clubhouse leader for a long time.

However, I parred the last 4 holes to hang on for the first MM win since the club moved to Collier Park.

Hammo had a couple of disasters in bunkers and with a 4 ball group right behind us all day that played like Pro’s, (as in golf Pros, not the other ones) he thought in fairness to keep the game moving he would pick up, causing the DQ.  

1st: Craig Markham (72)

2nd: Leigh Harris (73)

3rd: Norm Mews (77)

NAGA: Gary Hammond (DQ)

Photo art courtesy of Robin Dalby: He calls it "Sand and (Different) Styles"

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