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M is for Marangaroo and Mizen

Updated: May 20, 2020

Marangaroo - Stableford

Great to be back yesterday,  fair to say the crows made it interesting with about 20 balls flying off into the sunset on the first 4 holes.  One group had all 4 balls on the green stolen.  

The course was in good condition and not a bad little track, it was like Wanneroo’s petite little sister. Smart golf would tell you to leave the driver in the bag with some par 4's around the 300 meter mark, but the tightness and tree lines added to the difficulty. It’s a great course for 9 holes after work.

Most people lost 4 shots off their GA and it was reflected in the scores, with high to mid-20s the average. Well done to the winners and it was brave to play so many match plays.   

It was good to see  everyone and again and happy to be out of the house !!  

1st: Rob Mizen (37)

2nd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (36)

3rd: Ian Havenstein  (35)

NAGA – a welcome back after a long break and injury  Dave Thomas (16)

Thanks to Robin for the bush themed photo gallery below.

Match Plays

Lawrie defeated Robin:  5 and 4

Rob Mizen defeated Ian: 3 and 2

Phil defeated Basil: 4 and 3

Lui and Stafford:  All square

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