• Craig Markham

Leftovers can be good!

Collier - Stableford

This week at Collier were the left overs that couldn’t make the South West Open. It was a quality group of 6.

The more relaxed game without novelties seemed to do the trick as most people made every green and produced some great long drives. I would have given Matt something to work with as I was about 2m short of the green on the Island 1st , less than 100 on Island 6th and 150m out on Island 8th. We were glad the clubhouse did the right thing and put us on the Island 9 which was a first in a while after the Pines had been sanded. It was a chance to get started on the Eclectic for that 9 which I capitalised on by coming down 25 shots. Everyone scored well on the front 9 turning between 18 and 22 points. Tony was the best of the bunch, playing within his handicap and constantly scoring 2s and 3s . Fortunately it was the only official round for the club which meant everyone was able to get some OOM points and had a 50% chance of a podium. Jack and I filled those spots as Tony ran away with the win.

(MP: Won't you supposed to be playing PAR? Or did you have a little pre-game meeting to change the format? )


1st: Tony Calder (41)

2nd: Craig Markham (37)

3rd: Jack Wagner (35)

NAGA: No one deserving enough

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