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Lawrie grinds out win at the Winter Cup

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Mandurah - Winter Cup - Stableford

As we traveled in darkness to the Winter Cup held at Mandurah Country Club, we were rugged up for the cold weather with the impending wind and rain forecast to hit us.

Some were still trying to wake up from a good night sleep while others were looking to sleep after good night out.

Again the course had its way with most players. Only 3 Players broke 30 and the rest were battered beaten and bruised from the pounding they took from the course.

And the bad weather hadn’t really started yet. Hammo after 10 point from 9 holes whispered lightly, "This game can be so cruel". Lui after 10 points from 9 holes yelled,"Can we have the burgers now?".

Craig shot his customary 7 pars but with handicap nice and low, it allowed for no errors which eventually came.

But there were 3 players amongst us and as Norm declared the 1st hole a closet to the pin with a cutout box of golf ball we know he was having a good game. Solid 31 and 3rd position.

Basil parred the first 3 par 3’s with one almost dropping in for a hole in one. (luv that new 4 iron). One of his streaky goods days for putting, no 3 putts and a honest 32 for 2nd place.

The standout was Lawrie with 35 points and a round of so much courage. Beware of the injured golfer. Feeling very dizzy every time he got out of the cart , he needed to steady himself before he played every shot.

16 points on the front and then when the bad finally arrived and his dizzy spells were getting worst he punches in 19 pts on the back. (Which included a wipe)

Great driving and wonderful short iron play and steady putting allowed for a solid round and a much deserved win.

The burgers were great and enjoyed by all and Basil sponsored the day with some nice prizes.


1st: Lawrie Gibson (35)

2nd: Basil Musca (32)

3rd: Norm Mews (31)

NAGA: Gary Hammond (19)

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