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Jamie does feel lucky!

El Caballo - Stableford

This week it was up the hills to the great El Caballo course, one of the great layouts in golf and a very challenging course if you are off  your game.  

Added to that was another week of Match Plays with Stafford and Lui, Dennis and Jamie  Fitz and the rematch between Mitch and Scott.

I decided to watch this game with Dave Ovel. On the first hole both hit cracking draws around the corner. I missed what happened after that as I too hit a great drive, unfortunately it was straight down the 17th fairway leaving me further from the green than the original tee box. By the time I finished the hole I had missed something good! Scott came straight back on the next hole to win it back and so the see sawing began again. Through the mid-section Mitch quietly ended being 5 up with 6 to play. Scott  then won a hole after a Mitch 3 putt, then another, and another, then a half leaving Mitch two up with two to play. Scott’s drive went close to the water, Mitch went in it …. Mitch's second ball also hit water giving Scott another win. One up with one to play. Scott goes safe with the iron, Mitch goes driver and nails it down one of the tightest fairways on the market.  Both par the hole which gave Mitch the one up win. I think Dave and I would agree it was one of the best charge down finishes we have seen for a while, so well done  guys on entertaining us the last two weeks.  

In the other matches Lui was able to get over Stafford, and Jamie played a really smart game putting the driver away to get past Dennis. Jamie had one of the better rounds we see at the course.  Most years no one really gets much over 30, however he was able to  put up a 38. Honourable mention to myself,  who blew 5 of my 8 handicap strokes in the first 3 holes. And the lot in the first nine, to finish with 34 points after about 12 pars.  Nigel wasn’t far behind on 31 leading a large group on 30.  

Now talking of blowing it, two of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet, so I feel bad about even saying it …. But anyway, Basil  ….. 24 points in the first 9 holes and only 6 on the last 9. People say he was so busy writing his speech that he forgot to hit the ball. And next Robin …. What can I say, 13 on the front 9, and 1point on the last 9 (8 wipes for those who are not good with the maths ), which is almost a record held by Pete  (Secret Harbour 19 and 0) .

It was great day all up and it’s a course you never leave disappointed no matter what happens.

1st: Jamie Fitzpatrick (38)

2nd: Craig Markham (34)

3rd: Nigel Smith (31)

NAGA: Robin Dalby (14)

Photo art courtesy of Robin Dalby: "Of clouts and non-flooding drains"

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