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  • Matt Scoble

Jack the Lad straight down the middle (unless it comes to the motorised cart)!!!!

Collier - Lake Island - Monthly medal

We all rocked up to the Monthly Medal and a misty morning but a blessing of no rain forecast for the day. It was great to see the red carpet rolled out and guard of honour lined up at the clubhouse for Life Member Dennis Scoble only for him to be a non-starter due to a family emergency.

I had the honour of playing with Jack Wagner this week and watching him shoot the lights out and not put a foot wrong until the 8th hole – you may ask why the 8th when he managed to par it and also take out the Jackpot. Well let me tell you that although his tee shot may have just dodged the bunker to head towards the hole, the electric buggy he had borrowed from Ryan was not as lucky and managed to do a double pike somersault into said bunker sending balls, bottles and towels into the sand. Watching Jack try and resuscitate the buggy I can tell you David Hasselhoff he is not.

Stroke is an unforgiving game as I found out if you look at the results below – but one member who shall remain nameless but is the Captain of the club managed to find himself with a 16 on his card on the 14th hole – this included a lost ball and 8 shots in the bunker (that’s more than Eva Braun had!!!)


1st: Jack Wagner (-7) (71 off the stick)

2nd: Mitch Fitzpatrick (-5)

3rd: Lawrie Gibson (-4)

NAGA: Matt Scoble (+15)


Lake 3rd: ?

Lake 5th: ?

Lake 8th: ?

Island 2nd: ?

Island 4th: ?

Long Drive A: ?

Long Drive B: ?

Nearest in 2: ?

Nearest in 3: ?

Longest Putt: ?

Money Hole: Jack Wagner

Match Play

Mike Cragg A/S Basil Musca

Tony Calder A/S Lui Dinardo

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