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If it can happen in golf, it happened on the course this day

Collier - Island Lake - Monthly Medal

The Players Golf Club set out for a round of golf in overcast conditions at the home course of Collier Park (Pines / Lakes). It was the second Monthly Medal for the year but after listening to the stories at the 19th it seems it was more like the Monthly KAOS Water Medal.

If it can happen in golf it happened on the course this day. See preview of events below;

  • Craig Markham walking towards the Lakes 5th Par 3 over the water was telling his playing group “I have never put one in the water on this hole actually I think it is one of the easier Par 3’s.” You can guess what happened I’m sure. First shot in the water, second shot in the water. Final tally an 8. A good lesson for everyone playing Golf. You only make comments after your shot never before.

  • Others in the water at the 5th. Stafford, The Pirate, Scotty, Wally, Ryan. Sounds like the Players Championship at the Island Green 17th at Sawgrass.

  • Alan heading down the 18th was sitting up near the top of the leaderboard when suddenly after playing pretty straight all day played the best Army Golf hole in recent times. Right Left right left to close with a 9. One off a moosehead. (MP: aka a wounded moose)

  • Matt (Dechambeau) Gibson put away the Big Stick off the tee several times today using a 5 iron and minor woods to great results. Reducing the length off the tee from 350m to 300m. The Hulk had a good round coming in 3rd place.

  • The Homer Simpson award (DOOH!)today goes to Ryan. With 6 holes remaining Ryan’s battery on his trolley runout of juice. Lucky Trevor had a cart in the group so the trolley was place on the Cart and Ryan carried his clubs the rest of the way. On the longest Drive hole Ryan’s drive just edged out Nigel (Member Smooth) drive for the prize. Ryan then with the devil on one shoulder telling him to go for the green with a 210m carry and the Sensible guy on the other shoulder telling him to lay it up, yep you guessed it. With all his might he wound up on the shot for it to end up 2m behind him. So it is very weird that a players wins the Longest Drive but in 2 shots does reach the second place getter. Last weeks champion fell back to earth this week. They say a week is a long time in most sports. P.S. Charge your battery this week Wanneroo has hills.

  • Mark Ellis who with a century on the score card coming down the last approached the Green to land in the right bunker. Then off to the left bunker. Wait there is more. Yep the front greenside bunker. Whilst a worthy NAGA winner as always Mark had a smile on his face and the great ability to laugh it off.

  • Our newest visitor and playing for his second card Wally. Well this guy has got some game. Don’t let the John Deere farm hat and the look he has just jumped off his tractor fool you. Long straight hitter and aimed down some flags on approach. Funny thing which did happen during the second 9, Wally stated to The Pirate and myself that he hoped for a handicap of 18. We looked at each other and said “18 maybe 8” . From that point on Wally wasn’t walking down fairways but we all stared to say “Where’s Wally” (Come on you knew I was going to use it). He was bush bashing to bring in the round. Wally will be a great addition to the club.

  • Marc Geddes played a great round with 2 Birdies & 9 Pars. A couple of disappointing DB’s but the lowest round of the day a 78. I know everyone is sick of me saying it since 2008 but hopefully one day we will provide a weekly award to the actual best golfer (Gross) of the day. I’m sure it was a pleasure to watch Marc. But he did win the money hole so at least he got something. Well done.

  • The Chilli man thinking he was to Tee Off at 7.45 thought he would get to the course early to do some practice. On arrival he see’s his playing partners walking down the first fairway. It was 6.45 not 7.45. Another DOOH!.

  • Stormin Norman at the right old age of 103 had a scrappy round finding all sorts of weird places on the course. But in good old veteran style fought his way around and picked up 10 Par’s helping him to 2nd place. He is actually 62 but with the amount of golf he has played lately he said his body after the round hurt everywhere.

  • Finally we come to the winner of the medal this month. Players Club member “Member Smooth”. Nigel is in cracking good form over the past few months just smoothly going about his business with little fuzz and always with a laugh. He is just collecting trophy after trophy. Well done smooth another great win.

Link to full results here


1st: Nigel Smith (68)

2nd: Norm Mews (69)

3rd: Matt Gibson (70)

NAGA: Marc Ellis (88)


Pines 3rd: Scott Robins

Pines 7th: Craig Markham

Lake 3rd: Wally (visitor)

Lake 5th: Lui Dinardo

Lake 8th: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Long Drive A: Ryan Nottle

Long Drive B: Scott Robins

Nearest in 2: No takers

Nearest in 3: Norm Mews

Money hole: Marc Geddes

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