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Heiney wins (first of two in a row)

Collier - Island Lake - Stableford

On a cold Sunday morning The Players Club returned to Collier Park for a Stableford round.

The heat picked up as the day went on to become a beautiful day for Golf.

Josh and Mitch had a great Matchplay round with the lead changing a few times. Midway through the second 9 Josh broke the ice with 3 - 4 wins in a row ending up winning 2 & 1. Unlucky for Hoops playing the form man of the moment Jack and even though Jack playing off just a few strokes these days lasted the journey with a 3 & 1 win.

The new income generator for the best shot on the 18th index hole “The money hole” went to who else at the moment Jack. Your shout mate.

Craggy playing some great golf in the early parts of the season continued to play well to pick up a dais spot at 3rd. Captain Scott jumped out to an early lead which was great to see him back to some form gaining 39 points but unfortunately for the Captain he was pipped at the post by Heiney with 40 points. There was nothing fancy with Heiney’s round other than hitting the fairway he was aiming at more than not. Golf is easier if you hit your own fairway but not as exciting as doing those great recovery shots from nowhere as we see Craig Markham do time and time again.

Talking about Craig, well things aren’t going to plan at the moment and it is funny how many times the NAGA plays with the winner. Yep another NAGA for Craig. But we had fun and was good to play with another Players Club veteran. Old bloke book ends for the round.


1st: Paul Heine (40)

2nd: Scott Robins (39)

3rd: Mike Cragg (37)

NAGA: Craig Markham (24)


Island 2nd: Andrew Chillcott

Island 4th: Lui Dinardo

Lake 3rd: Mike Cragg

Lake 5th: David Ogg

Lake 8th: No takers

Long Drive A: Ben Avery

Long Drive B: Matt Scoble

Nearest in 2: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 3: Scott Robins

Longest Putt: Brenton Newnham

Money Hole: Jack Wagner

Match Play

Jack Wagner 3&1 Steve Hooper

Josh Woodward 2&1 Mitch Fitzpatrick

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