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Hammo blitzes back 9 to win Anzac Trophy

Updated: May 7, 2021

Collier - Anzac Trophy - Stableford

I thought I would just write a few words on today's game to help take the pressure off Craig. Firstly, a big thank you from all the members to Peter and Norm for sponsoring the ANZAC Trophy. Such a special and very worthy occasion.

(MP: Thanks to Basil again for organising the last post tribute)

Congratulations to Gary on a marvelous win (about time). Stafford second and Marc Ellis third.

I think the use of the app went extremely well in today's event and I believe that there may have been greater perceived pressure because of the leader board awareness which may have made some players play better than normal.

It could have a future, thanks Mike for all your hard work in setting it up.

A big welcome back to Ian after recent knee surgery. Great to see you back playing so soon. Now you'll be able to compare scars with many other players. You were missed at the SWO.

I must say how impressed I was with Scottie's leadership in his push for what I believe to be the largest field of players doing Match Play all at once.

I was fortunate enough to do Match Play with Mitch F (2020 converted Blue Jacket winner). How the great have fallen to take out today's NAGA. It didn't start out that way. He had an impressive par on the first hole (Lakes) where I said to him that for me today was going to be like pulling off a bandaid really quickly. (I thought i didn't stand a chance and that it would be over just as quickly as it started) Well, to my surprise that was as good as it got for him. I think my personal best putting of seven flaggies in the first ten holes may have had him thinking "WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?".

If he got a par 4/3 then i would match it with a par 4/4 with a very long single putt.

At the turn, I think his spirit was broken as it was all over with six or seven holes to play.

Why, why, why I was thinking, why didn't he play this way in the last game of the season last year. For those of you who aren't aware Mitch pulled off a FABULOUS 43 point game to take out a very worthy win over me for last year's Blue Jacket and left me thinking what could have been ( pay back buddy hahaha).

We were joined by other team members Scott and Lui who also had a very competitive Match Play round which was eventually won by Lui after squaring their first match play together. Thanks guys for a fun day of golf.

If you think you your day was tough and things weren't quite going as you would have liked. Well then think how good the company was today playing golf in honour of the ANZAC's with your mates and such magnificent weather. OK, we had to wear a mask, but thank GOD we aren't in INDIA.

(MP: or stranded here)

Thanks guys for the fabulous turn out.

Head geek Mike P reports...

This was the first time that the Golf Gamebook app was used for a regular season fixture. Feedback was generally positive with the Live leaderboard being the main attraction. There were a few issues with ease of use, and admittedly some of the features aren't as polished as they could be. But I've found that after you use it a few times, you get familiar with how it works and it gets easier.

I was watching the progress of the game from home, which was also fun. A bunch of players blitzed the back 9 and came out of nowhere to rocket up the leaderboard.

Afterwards, I checked the results and everything was looking good. Then in some perhaps overzealous housekeeping, I removed the Players Club player from the round. Little did I know that removing the game creator would adversely affect everyone's daily handicaps. Removing the game creator caused the app to revert to default non-Australian WHS handicap calculation. Oops. Fortunately, I was able to work with Gamebook support to identify and rectify the issue.

For anyone who has the app, you can now view the "correct" leaderboard and every players scorecards if you want.

Note: there were three players in mid to bottom of the pack that had the correct score on their card, but put a different number into the app. And a few mathematically challenged people, where the app uncovered human error in either stableford scoring of addition.

But unlike the SW Open where we had app issues, as long as the correct score was entered everything else worked fine.


1st: Gary Hammond (40)

2nd: Stafford Mellowship (39)

3rd: Marc Ellis (38) on c/b from Rob Mathias

NAGA: Mitch Fitzpatrick (25)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Dave Thomas

Pines 7th: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Lakes 3rd: Steve Hooper

Lakes 5th: Stafford Mellowship

Lakes 8th: Norm Mews

Nearest in 2: David Ogg

Nearest in 3: Gary Hammond

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Matt Gibson

B Grade: Stafford Mellowship

Match Play results

Rob Mizen def Mitch Fitzpatrick 7/6

Matt Gibson Dave Thomas A/S

Marc Ellis def Trev Bindon 4/3

Dave Ovel def Pete Tallon 4/3

Lawrie Gibson def Norm Mews 4/3

Rob Mathias def Ryan Nottle 3/2

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