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Geddes wins ANZAC Trophy

Updated: May 1, 2022

ANZAC Trophy - Collier - Pines Lake

A minute’s silence fell over the Pines first tee box following Ian’s ANZAC service at first light. When we commemorate ANZAC day we honour the sacrifices that have preserved, at a terrible cost, the freedoms we take for granted. Golf is one of those freedoms, and how lucky the field of 31 were today to set out from that tee box on a glorious April morning.

To those of you who have served, the rest of us are privileged to be in your company each week. We thank you, not only for your service, but also for being part of the club’s tradition in honouring our veterans.

To the golf, then. Out of the full field we saw five match play matches. After a promising start Matt Scoble gave out to a persistent Dean Hull, who had him 2 up with 1 to play. In Josh v Trevor, Josh couldn’t putt and Trev couldn’t drive yet Josh ground out a win. Allan and Basil squared the match after Basil saved the game on the last. There is a rumour that Alan might have succumbed to the draw in a greenside bunker on the 18th (that’s what he told me anyway), but Basil’s clutch win on the moneyhole 17th must have applied a good bit of pressure.

Allan wasn’t the only one licking his chops for a cold one as he approached the club house. The top players on the leaderboard nearly all struggled on the last. I wiped it along with Matt Gibson. Marc Davies only managed a point after a rocky last few holes, as did Allan.

Peter Fitzpatrick bucked the trend and put himself in a good spot on the last with a 3 pointer for a 36. Alas, this was narrowly beaten by the indefatigable Marc Geddes, whose steamtrain back nine 22 points (following 15 on the front) made him the 2022 Anzac Trophy winner.

A few Bermuda Triangle bunker moments to report from the 16th, with both Marc Davies and Ian Havenstein ending up meters from the pin when they should have been in the sand. Ian’s second shot bounced off a rake for a forty meter carry, stunning onlookers. Can someone please tell these two desert miracle workers that Easter was last week?

Phil Hudson made a rare appearance today and contributed two highlights - the first his very stylish hat; the second back to back 3 woods on the Lakes 1st that eventuated in a 2 putt birdie. In the same group, Mike Patton, birdied the first, had 7 points after two holes, but couldn’t get them dropping after that.

Not golf related but Pirate was adamant that I include the outcome of an electric buggy race between himself and Ryan Nottle that ended in Nottle’s clubs on the ground and no doubt some hysterical giggling from “da pirate”. We would like to say their golf form is better than their buggy form. It isn’t.

A great major today with a great field and some tight competition at the club. Great to see Norm Mews at presos and hopefully he’ll be back on the course soon.

Lest We Forget.


1st: Marc Geddes (37)

2nd: Matt Gibson (37)

3rd: Mark Davies (37)

NAGA: Johny Scafidi (20)


Pines 3rd: Mark Davies

Pines 7th: Jack Wagner

Lake 3rd: Jack Wagner

Lake 5th: Josh Woodward

Lake 8th: Basil Musca

Nearest in 2: Nigel Smith

Nearest in 3: Matt Gibson

Long Drive A: Marc Geddes

Long Drive B: Peter Fitzpatrick

Longest Putt: Marc Ellis

Match Play

Basil Musca A/S Allan Emery

Josh Woodward 5&4 over Trev Bindon

Stafford Mellowship 5&3 over Scott Robins

Matt Gibson 5&4 over Craig Markham

Dean Hull 2up over Matt Scoble

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