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  • Basil Musca

Fitzpatrick nets (and grosses) Monthly Medal

[Pictures to follow]

Collier - Monthly Medal - Stroke

Basil reports:

As our 2 new members played (Brendan and Josh) in their first monthly medal, it was a rude awakening as to how long stroke play takes. After falling 3 holes behind and clocking 5 hours for the round, a drink was much needed.

Basil's putting and short game made a rare reappearance, 28 putts were taken on putt day and a 3rd play finish with a net 72.

Rob Mathias had a shocking front 9 playing a red pretend Volvik, He decided to change his golf ball to a Callaway soft feel and 18 points later made a great back nine.

Stafford 4 putted on the first hole after 28 putts in the first round and couldn’t let go until well into the round a respectable net 73 in the end.

Lui had a quiet round in the context scoring, not setting the world on fire, but he came in first for providing great talking before during and after any form of golf swing.

Craig reports:

After a shuffle of the fixtures to avoid the SW Open, the second Monthly Medal was played a little earlier than originally expected. As usual with stroke anything can happen and despite pretty good conditions the scores were not exactly leaping off the page. I was fortunate enough to play with two of the winners, both hitting great shots and Matt hitting some of the biggest drives you are likely to see. It was great to see Basil's new swing coming together and gaining distance as well as accuracy.


1st: Mitch Fitzpatrick (67)

2nd: Matt Gibson (70)

3rd: Basil Musca (72)

NAGA: Tony Calder (93)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Matt Gibson

Pines 7th: Ryan Nottle

Lakes 3rd: Norm Mews

Lakes 5th: Craig Markham

Lakes 8th: Mike Newman

Nearest in 2: Lui Dinardo

Nearest in 3: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Matt Gibson

B Grade: Josh Woodward

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