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Geddes wins at first visit to Chequers

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Chequers - Stableford

A small, dedicated and healthy lot of golfers turned up at Chequers. A long and tight course with small greens. A great test for your game.

Imagine you drive for 45 mins, get to the course early and wait for another 45 mins to tee off. You then get on the first green to putt and realise you left your putter in the boot. Damn you Mizen and the bloody put off from last week.

(MP: hmm sounds like a DS nomination to me...)

Then Irons and hybrids were use to putt with until we get to turn and run like Forrest Gump to the car to get your putter. Ode to P.Fitzpatrick (Roo Supporter).

The Pirate tried a unique trick shot by hitting the white marker when teeing off from the blue marker, it ricocheted 30 metres diagonally backwards. It was 2m in front of him 30cm off the group lucky no one got killed.

Back to the golf and we did have a couple that could play with Lawrie Tufnell (English Spinner) playing strong but faltered on the back 9 as he succumbed to the conditions to finish a strong second 31pts. Basil followed last week heroics with a strong back 9 to claim 3rd with 29 pts. And the Dapper Englishmen who is always dressed for success Marc Geddes played a real solid round and par the last to finish with 32 and past the chequered flag as the winner.

Ryan took the money hole with absolute glee.


1st: Marc Geddes (32)

2nd: Lawrie Tufnell (31)

3rd: Basil Musca (29)

NAGA: John Morris (16)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: No takers

8th: Ryan (Money hole)

11th: No takers

15th: Lawrie Tufnell

Nearest in 2: David Ogg

Nearest in 3: No takers

Longest Putt: Jonny Scafidi

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Marc Geddes

B Grade: No takers

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