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Dean Hull (no relation to Bobby or Brett) takes first ever win

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Collier - Lake Pines - Par

On a very overcast and humid morning we had 22 players ready to tackle the game of par.

It was packed leaderboard with various players taking there turn in the lead. It was like watching a game of snakes and ladders.

This pack all slide down the snake :

Lawrie (I hate par) got to plus 3

Chilli (I can shank and hurt people) Plus 3

Steve Hooper (First Hit was best drive off the day) Plus 4

But the man that stood standing at the end with Plus 3 was “The watertight body of a ship”. Dean Hull.

He had his 6 serves of scrabbles eggs and it showed recovering again, again and again in his round.

Congrats Deano on his first win at the club.

He was a pleasure to play with and thoroughly deserved the win.

He never got too negative and understood the golden rule that nothing was something in the par game.

Honourable mentions to Matt Scoble storming home Plus 2

Matt Gibson Plus 1.

Special Note for Matt Gibson, here is a man prepared to change and looking to improve.

Taking 5 irons off the tee and crunching them 200m.

Having found his feminine side can now delicate chip as good as anyone in the club.

And with his new found putter is putting with confidence not scared to go past the hole.

Also pleasure to see Matt play so well.

Link to full results here

MP: On a technical note, although most people hate playing par, it is actually a more forgiving game than Stableford. Sure you don't get any 4 pointers, but if you have a bad hole you only lose one point rather than two. And most people would wipe more holes than they would get 4 points on. So there you go, learn to love PAR, it could be helping your handicap.


1st: Dean Hull (+3)

2nd: Matt Scoble (+2)

3rd: Matt Gibson (+1)

NAGA: Ian Havenstein (-9)


Lake 3rd: David Ogg

Lake 5th: Jack Wagner

Lake 8th: Scott Robins

Pines 3rd: Ryan Nottle

Pines 7th: Matt Gibson

Long Drive A: Marc Geddes

Long Drive B: Andrew Chilcott

Nearest in 2: Jack Wagner

Nearest in 3: Marc Geddes

Longest putt: Paul Heine

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