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David Ogg wins the Founders for first Major

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Collier - Pines Island - Founders Cup - Stableford

This week was the 2nd last major of the year, The Founders Cup which surprisingly is in honour of the original founding members who designed the club partly around golf, but mainly around social get togethers and getting out of the house hence the word ‘Players’ in our name had nothing do with playing golf. The day was sponsored by myself and thanks to Rob for organising the food and re-invigorating the ‘Putt Off’ which has raised much needed funds for the end of year wind up. We would have more if people stopped winning it!! This week Heiney sank a monster putt to take home $175, but in a good gesture he donated $75 back to the club.

This week the Pines 9 was freshly sanded to go along with the Island sanding. This caused some putting issues as expected and we all have our heart breaking stories of good putts suddenly doing their own thing and missing by a whisker.

Scott mixed up the groups a bit and put all the low handicappers in the one group to lead off. This was refreshing as we pushed each along to string together some good holes and combined 5 birdies. Dave Ogg was doing the best of the bunch having a nice low draw on most shots gaining distance off the tee to go with some great approaches . He had some terrible luck as well on the green with 4 Birdie puts lipping out that were good all the way, they just hit sanded holes at the last second diverting the ball away from the centre of the cup. It was a great win and thoroughly deserved for his first club major. It was good to see Ryan back up amongst the winners circle along with Trev who lead the way with a group of people on 36 in a count back

On the side was a Matchplay between Dave Ovel and Stafford, Stafford went to an early lead and Dave was having an off day. Stafford progressed 4 and 3.

It was good to see Jamie F back after a few weeks off with a sore wrist.


1st: Dave Ogg (38)

2nd: Ryan Nottle (37)

3rd: Trev Bindon (36)

NAGA: Peter Fitzpatrick (26)


Pines 3rd: Alan (visitor)

Pines 7th: Ryan Nottle

Island 2nd: Peter Fitzpatrick

Island 4th: Basil Musca

Long Drive A: Mike Newman

Long Drive B: Rob Mathias

Nearest in 2: Dave Ovel

Nearest in 3: Ryan Nottle

Longest Putt: Jack Wagner

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