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Round 2 - (Collier Park - Island/Pines) Monthly Medal

Collier - Island/Pines - Monthly Medal

The first monthly medal for the year and the first round after the SWO and the first round at Collier Park. The day dawned hot and humid, the air was heavy, crotches were sweaty and we hadn't even tee'd off yet.

A field of 16 and 1 visitor (Paul Gabel) took on the oppressive conditions, Oggy played some great golf and took out the honours with a net -4, and also one the red faces competition. Pirate bounced back and wiped away the memory of his horrific SWO form for a 2nd place with Hammo grumbling his way to 3rd position.

Matty Gibson proved that you don't need to hit it straight to win the Long drive as he bombed one into the trees for it to bounce back into the middle of the fairway.

Heiney has initiated something new for this year that is member led with himself, Gibbo and El Capitano going to donate a box of quality golf balls so that you can get a ball thrown at you during presentations if you are nearest the pin on a par 3 and a bonus ball if you birdie it. Matt Gibbo has donated the first box of Pro Vs with myself (Peter M), Craig Markham, Peter Fitz taking one home, and Craig Billing making a triumphant return to the club by taking one and also backing it up with a birdie, he also went on to take Long B and Nearest in 3.

Naga was claimed by Geoff (she/her).

Finally for all those not interested in the Musca family battle, Basil beat me by a stroke clawing one back after the SWO whitewash where I won all 4 ropunds, taking the new season score to 4 - 1 in my favour.


1st: David Ogg (-4)

2nd: Dave (Pirate) Thomas (-2)

3rd: Gary Hammond (-1)

NAGA: Geoff Kujawski


Island 2nd:  Peter Musca

Island 4th:  Craig Markham

Pines 3rd: Craig Billings

Pines 7th: Pete Fitz

Long Drive A: Matt Gibson

Long Drive B: Craig Billings

Nearest in 2: Hammo

Nearest in 3: Craig Billings

Longest Putt: El Capitano

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