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Hammo time!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Collier - Stableford - Lake Pines

A lovely crisp morning with some light early showers greeted our keen golfers. Would Basil allow someone else a podium finish this week ?

Starting in the first group and seeing Hammo pull his drive left and not pass the ladies tee we all thought it was going to be a long day. But he scrambled and scrape a 6 for 1 and was on his way. 6 pars and one birdie saw a display of power hitting off the tee (wound back the clock), deft touch around the greens and showing the signs of being golden putter champion on the greens. 38pts and wonderful way to be back on the winners podium.

Heiney 2nd with 37 points and fell just one shot short like his beloved bomber on the weekend. Great round with 2 birdies and only 1 wipe. Someone heard him muttering to Norm where was this last week.

3rd on countback was our beloved Trevor with 36 points including 4 pars and 1 birdie , after 1 point from 2 holes he really played well and finished strongly.

Money hole was was won for a 3rd time by Basil with a magical 8 iron clearing the bunkers and landing softly. And we welcome back our favourite Constable Care (Craig) to the club after an injured layoff with NAGA and 19 points. He must been playing with the Constable Care suit on with 5 wipes and 7 one pointers. The question has to be asked ( sing this to the Angels famous song) “ will we ever see Craig back to his best again” No Way Get F*&% F*&^ off , you get the drift. I hope we do.


1st: Gary Hammond (38)

2nd: Paul Heine (37)

3rd: Trev Bindon (36)

NAGA: Craig Markham (19)


Lake 3rd: Dave Thomas

Lake 5th: Basil Musca

Lake 8th: Basil Musca (Money hole)

Pines 3rd: Norm Mews

Pines 7th: John Morris

Long Drive A: Norm Mews

Long Drive B: Josh Woodward

Nearest in 2: Norm Mews

Nearest in 3: Steve Hooper

Longest Putt: Peter Plater

Money Hole: Basil Musca

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