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Back to back for Jamie

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Monthly Medal - Collier - Island Lake - Stroke

This week was stroke, Monthly Medal and a few Match plays on the side. The weather was spot on and the scores were very competitive with 5 net sub 70’s.

Jamie continued his winning form from last week putting together a great round of 66. Hammo had a good run with the putter having only 25 putts overall which set him up for a net 68 only to be pipped on a count back by Tony. His putter did not help him, coming in with 40, so he could have scored anything. But its either the driver or the putters that lets us all down you cant have both. (MP: except on those rare days when the spiteful golf gods are having a nap)

Pete Tallon and Rob Mathias played their Matchplay along with Lawrie and Steve Hooper.  Pete and Rob were close for a while until Pete had a few blow outs giving Rob the lead, which he managed to hold onto and win 4 and 3.

(Extras from witness Robin Dalby)

Rob Mathias was victorious over Pete Tallon 4 and 3 in today’s Match Play. Rob found more fairways than Pete, the latter straying into left and right rough on too many occasions to seriously threaten Rob.

I was able to watch Lawrie and Steve have a close game, with Steve coming out on fire, getting to only one over after 5 holes. Lawrie clawed the lead back bit by the end of the first nine and managed to get back to only one down with 3 to go.  But they both started to get the wobbles and played below their usual standard both having a 4 putt. Then on the last hole, Steve was one up and had to give away a shot, which he won with a 6 to win two up.

(And from Steve)

Lawrie battled through to make the second round match play an interesting one which went down to the last 2 holes, Steve Hoops was 1 shot over the card after the first 6 holes. But Lawrie kept on chipping away until they were all square with 2 to play. They will try to forget the halved 14th with 9 and 8 strokes each not their finest hour

In other news Ian is heading up to Broome, for 8 weeks for break and some better weather, we shall see him back around the club champs time. (MP: Craig should note that the club champs are no longer in September.)

Norms wrist is on the mend ( not his favourite one ) and will be back for the game at Wanneroo.

1st: Jamie Fitzpatrick (66)

2nd: Tony Calder (68)

3rd: Gary Hammond (68)

NAGA: Andrew McCarthy (retired hurt)

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