• Craig Markham

A visit from the Stewarts and everyone gets OOM points

Collier Park - Par - Pines Lakes

This week was the always difficult Par competition.

The numbers were down being Fathers day.

Helen Stewart had made contact and wished to supply the prizes for the round. It was great to see her and Simone to chat about where they were at and since the passing of Doug and we thank them for their donation to the club.  

As far as the golf went, well no one was really tearing up the course and putting seemed to be the biggest issue and topic of most conversations. The ever reliable Mitch managed to keep Trevor at bay and win on a countback with Hammo a distant 3rd and probably shocked to get a placing.  Trevor had a good day with some long straight drives, Pete Tallon, not so much. Overall everyone struggled with the majority of scores around the -3 to -4 range which was great countback practice for the handicapper.


1st: Mitch Fitzpatrick (+1)

2nd: Trevor Bindon (+1)

3rd: Gary Hammond (-3)

NAGA: Pete Tallon (-8)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Craig Markham

Pines 7th: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Lake 3rd: No takers

Lake 5th: Gary Hammond

Lake 8th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: Craig Markham

Nearest in 3: Peter Fitzpatrick

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Steve Hooper

B Grade: Trevor Bindon

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