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The Inaugural Social Distancing Open (aka The Summer Cup aka Lui again!)

Seaview - Summer Cup - Stableford

This week was the first major of the year, the Summer Cup. The day was sponsored by Mike Newman which was greatly appreciated. The Seaview course didn’t disappoint as far as the difficulty goes with only one person equaling their handicap. The rest were way back around 10 shots down. The greens were in a pretty poor state after being cored and sanded some time back in addition to few sandy spots. (MP: multiple stories of 3 putts within 6 feet. and not just me) The wind was up as well which bought the tea trees into play. It was a timely reminder from the committee that GA has insurance for all registered players, something we often worry about, even more so as I watched two of my balls head down Marine Terrace eventually clearing the road and head toward the beach itself. Phil and Leigh had similar experiences. (MP: Well, that solves the mystery of who sailed on over our heads on the 16th tee and nearly took out a family standing next to us. We could only plaintively plea it wasn't us and bemoan the dangerous nature of the course)

It was good to have Stan back for his second card and his good all round play must have washed on his playing partner Lui, the winner of the day. Ian and Lawrie were separated by a count back for the minor placings while the rest of us were never really in it. I was the worst of worst with 10 wipes and only 16 points , my lowest total of all time. Pete had to DQ himself through injury after 10 holes but even he had 15 at stage.

Thanks to Rob who tried to supply the NAGA prize, a roll of toilet paper ( in the current climate it could have been first prize ). It was a thanks but no thank from me you can keep the paper and the pair women’s size 12 …… delicates / smalls / indescribables and unmentionables……. two of our members found in the bush and decided to collect and flick around like a dolphins with a ball.

In other news Hammo won his 4th putt off in a draw with Mike Newman , splitting $150, great work .

Group 3 report by Mike P

Mike P, Ian H, Tony C, Basil M

Not much good golf happened on the outward 9. Scores between 11 and 14.

Basil consistently forgot/ignored his caddies advice to club up 2 going uphill into the wind.

Tony and I had cases of the low pull hook lefts.

Ian played bunt along on a number of holes.

I was heard to say, "F*&% I hate this gimmicky goat track" along with other less than complimentary expletives.

But at least the idiot sculpture viewers were absent this year. Replaced by the odd oblivious local taking their self entitled shortcut to the beach

Ian and I turned it around on the back 9. Ian with a bunch of sneaky 3 pointers to score 19 points.

I birdied two of the first 4 holes only to be undone by wipe on the easy 14th due to a questionable GUR and a duffed chip in the drop zone shot, but still came in with 18 for 30 total.

Basil mirrored his front 9 score to come in at 28.

Tony commented when asked what his handicap was today, "Not enough!". And was sweating on NAGA at 21, but turns out he wasn't even close.


1st: Lui Dinardo (36)

2nd: Ian Havenstein (32)

3rd: Lawrie Gibson (32)

NAGA: Craig Markham (16)

Nearest to Pins:

4th: Phil Hudson

8th: Stan Tan

13th: Leigh Harris

17th: No takers

Nearest in 2: Andrew McCarthy

Nearest in 3: Gary Hammond

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Stan Tan

B Grade: Mike Newman

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