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Nigel makes plans for monthly medal

Updated: May 12, 2020

Collier Park - Monthly Medal - Lake Island

(MP: Apologies Mr Smith but I couldn't resist the 80's music reference)

This week was the 2nd Monthly Medal of the year which again means stroke. (MP: where's the standard real golf comment?)

The day was very humid which made for some tired decision making, in particular around the greens as there seemed to be 3 putting going on all over the place.

The club welcomed Kevin McCormack for his first card. A great bloke and player that could shoot anything on his day but settle in on about a 10 or 11 HC.

Only 3 people played to under their handicap and many thought they might be chance of NAGA as 8 players were net 79 or over

Robin Dalby Reports

The feature of today’s winner was his fine ball striking. Nigel pounded great shots off the tee and off the grass but, to ensure a balanced round, also belted a few into the trees for good measure. But his carefree disposition held him in good stead for a well-earned victory. Trev Bindon wasn’t quite as consistent, some tee shots soaring high into the never-never or, as witnessed on Island 6th, an array of four consecutive shots that crashed into trees – surely a club record.


1st: Nigel Smith (67)

2nd: Paul Heine (70)

3rd: Jamie Fitzpatrick (71)

NAGA: Robin Dalby (83)

Nearest to Pins:

Lake 3rd: Leigh Harris

Lake 5th: Leigh Harris

Lake 8th: Mike Newman

Island 2nd; Basil Musca

Island 4th: Gary Hammond

Nearest in 2: Lui Dinardo

Nearest in 3: Craig Markham

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Kevin McCormack

B Grade: Mike Newman

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