• Craig Markham

Luigi win! Luigi number one! Wow.

Collier Park - Par - Pines Island

(MP: anyone who's played too much Mario Kart will recognise the title this week)

This week was a round of Par in which there is not much room for forgiveness and not much reward for effort as Paul Heine found out with an Eagle on the par 5 Island 8th . A plus is a plus.

The club welcomed Stan Tan along for his first game as a visitor after he discovered the club on line. I had the pleasure of playing with him and he is good bloke with an effortless swing, in particular off the tee. It was pretty to watch, the swing that is!

Lui was the best of the bunch with a great score with Leigh capitalising on some long drives to also put up a good score. Marc was not far behind and was very close to getting a hole in one on the Island 4th.

Macca gave further credence to the theory that after a break the first game back is good, it’s the second game that seems to go pieces. Both him and I leaked shots over the last few holes with Macca taking out NAGA .


1st: Lui Dinardo (+4)

2nd: Leigh Harris (+3)

3rd: Marc Ellis (+2)

NAGA: Andrew MacCarthy (-6)

Nearest to Pins:

Pines 3rd: Tony Calder

Pines 7th: Craig Markham

Island 2nd; Leigh Harris

Island 4th: Marc Ellis

Nearest in 2: Andrew MacCarthy

Nearest in 3: Paul Heine

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Leigh Harris

B Grade: Jamie Fitzpatrick

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