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Two repeat appearances on the Kwinana podium

Kwinana - Stableford

This week the club went down to Kwinana, a tough, long and tight course. The breeze was up which made things that little be harder. As it is every year, the slightest error is punished and usually ends up in a wipe with trees that seem to reach out a grab balls and throw them into deeper bush.

Only one out of 14 players was able to make their handicap which doesn’t really count either as it was Tony playing off a 36 putting in his 3rd card.

It was good to see Dean back for a game, he was also 36 (usually around 18 ) and could only get to 33 points. Mitch was also down for a game to fill a weekend gap between the end of the cricket and the start of footy season.

Pete Fitzpatrick was the best of the bunch with a 32 to take home his first win of the year with Heiney and Lawrie filling the podium .Heiney had a great back 9 with 20 points to win the countback.

Nigel was an early favourite to take it out as he plays regularly on the course, also bombed and took home the NAGA unfortunately.

Hammo was all too pleased to get the Long Drive as no one was on the fairway and it was just him and I to go. Unfortunately I topped it and didn’t make the fairway, barely passing the ladies tee, whilst Hammo resisted the temptation to hit a 9 iron to make sure of it . He did the right thing and hit a good long drive as did Scott who smashed his well and truly.

JamieF was a no show, a late withdrawal, there was mention that last night was the Mardi Gras so he may have been up late or down early. I don’t think there is any link at all, the joke is just "Sssssso last season”


1st: Peter Fitzpatrick (32)

2nd: Paul Heine (30)

3rd: Lawrie Gibson (30)

NAGA: Nigel Smith (17)

Nearest to Pins:

3rd: Pete Tallon

6th: No takers

14th: Craig Markham

16th: No takers

Nearest in 2: Mitch Fitzpatrick

Nearest in 3: Nigel Smith

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Gary Hammond

B Grade: Scott Robins

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