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2020 Season Opener - the inaugural Black Douglas round

Collier Park - Stableford

(Insert main report here)

How's the camera timing on the Season opening Salvo!!

Returning member Tony Calder looks a bit rusty on club dress standards.

Quick poll, who dunked it in the water and who stayed dry? Peter F or Nigel S

Mark with a nice recovery from the trees.

Group 4 (Stafford, Ian, Leigh, Phil) Courtesy of Leigh Harris

Phil had 28 but could have been an easy 36 with some rusty mid iron play. Solid tee shots and putter work meant he came in just above NAGA. Highlights were supreme 3 wood play on the fairway and driver off the tee.

Ian long straight drives as best I have seen from him, putter wasn’t obliging as he would have liked so missed out on a lot of points on the green. Highlights…using his foot-wedge to putt in from 4 foot rather than picking up to finish a hole with a wipe! (still took a wipe btw).

Stafford wayward from the tee which was strange. He scrambled well around the green to salvage a point here and there but wasn’t good enough to save him from NAGA on his revised handicap. Highlights – spending at least 7 mins in the shrubs at 8th tee box looking for lost balls and emerging bleeding from nose, both arms, and both legs. Someone needs to buy the guy a box of balls!

I had a scratchy front 9 with at least 1 shot every hole letting me down. Turned with 16 but found some form on the back 9 with long 3 wood off the tee and mid irons into the green working. Was 2 over the card on the back 9 through 7. Ran out of steam somewhat to come in with 22 points. Good enough for 2nd but never in the hunt for 1st!


1st: Scott Robins (43)

2nd: Leigh Harris (38)

3rd: Basil Musca (37)

NAGA: Stafford Mellowship (27)

Nearest to Pins:

Lake 3rd: Gary Hammond

Lake 5th: Norm Mews

Lake 8th: Nigel Smith

Island 2nd; Norm Mews

Island 4th: Marc Ellis

Nearest in 2: Dave Ovel

Nearest in 3: Phil Hudson

Longest Drives:

A Grade: Dave Ovel

B Grade: Nigel Smith

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